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December Goals

And here we are…the final month of 2017. I truly can’t believe how quickly this year has gone by. It feels like June was just a few weeks ago, and now December is starting and 2018 is only four weeks away. The other day, I was looking through my monthly goals posts for the year and sort of reminiscing a bit. It was so cool seeing all of the different goals I’ve had and which ones I’ve achieved, and it really got me excited for this final month. I’m looking forward to enjoying all of the holiday festivities, as well as preparing for a fresh new year with a bunch of new goals.

December Goals

  • Finish all my Christmas shopping
  • Finish wrapping all gifts
  • Bake Christmas cookies for my family
  • Go out light looking (with hot chocolate and festive pajamas, of course!)
  • Get caught up on emails and admin so I can go into the new year with a clean slate
  • Have a master brainstorm session for content ideas for the coming year
  • Do a final clean and declutter of all of my belongings before Christmas
  • Also, clear out the makeup drawers (again, lol)
  • Write up my major goals for the new year
  • Get back into a regular fitness routine
  • Try a new recipe for Christmas dinner
  • Attend the Christmas concert at my church
  • Send cards out to all of my friends and family

What are your end-of-year-goals?


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