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20 Misconceptions About Blogging

For the past 8 years I’ve been blogging off and on, and I’ve been fortunate enough to call it my full time job for almost 2 years. Over that time, I’ve encountered everything a blogger possibly could – from extremely amazing opportunities and reaching impossible personal goals to crippling self-doubt and embarrassing mistakes. Being a full time blogger may sound like a glamorous profession, but there are actually quite a few things that I feel no one really knows or thinks about when it comes to blogging.

20 Misconceptions About Blogging

  1. All bloggers have perfectly immaculate lives/homes/wardrobes/offices/etc.
  2. What you see online and on Instagram is 100% the full story (when a blogger shares a picture of their perfectly decorated and clean home office, their whole life must be like that 100% of the time, right?)
  3. The only thing bloggers do is sit around in pajamas all day, typing away at a computer
  4. Starting a blog is a super easy way to make money instantly
  5. It only takes one shot to get the perfect blog photo
  6. All you have to do to be a successful blogger is churn out posts that are quick and pretty
  7. It really doesn’t take a lot of work to be a blogger
  8. Once you’ve been blogging long enough, you stop dealing with self-doubt and comparison
  9. You can’t write blog posts every day long term because you’ll run out of ideas
  10. Starting a blog just to make money and receive free stuff from brands is a great idea
  11. Blogging is easy and anyone can do it
  12. You don’t have to put much thought or effort into your content
  13. Successful bloggers always have it together and never doubt themselves
  14. Blog success can happen virtually overnight and doesn’t take much effort or planning
  15. Once you name your blog and establish a niche, you can never change
  16. Speaking of niches (topics you blog about), you’re only supposed to stick with one and shouldn’t blog about a bunch of different things
  17. Blogging is just a hobby and will never be considered a “real” job
  18. Once one blogger does something, no one else can do it or it will be considered copying
  19. You can only be a popular blogger if you live in a big city and are friends with a bunch of other popular bloggers
  20. It takes a ton of traffic and subscribers to make a full time income

What’s a blogging misconception you’ve come across since starting your blog?


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