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Gift Guide: Lush Christmas 2017

One of my favorite ways to relax during the busy holiday season is with a nice bath time pamper. Whether that’s with a hot shower or a super bubbly bath, I always reach for some seasonal goodies from Lush to ensure the most luxurious experience. I know so many others are huge fans of this brand as well, so I thought I’d put together a gift guide to help with everyone’s Christmas shopping. The lovelies over at Lush sent me their holiday collection as a special treat, and I’ve been able to smell, test, and obsess over this year’s assortment of goodies so I can tell you guys which ones are the best to get!


If the person you’re shopping for always seems to be in the bath, you’ll definitely want to hit up the bubble bar and bath bomb section of your local (or online) Lush. They’ve come out with so many cute treats for this season, so I’m sure you’ll be able to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. My personal favorites for a bath overflowing with bubbles are The Snowman (a bubbleroon infused with citrus scents and soothing oils) and the Magic Wand (a reusable bubble bar that smells like delicious bubblegum candy and turns your water pink!). If I’m wanting more of a relaxing soak and less bubbles, I’ll turn to things like bath bombs and melts. Lush has a fantastic bath bomb called Christmas Sweater that smells sweet and spicy, and turns the water bright shades of orange, pink, and red! It’s a really fun item and creates the most relaxing bath. Another great option is Star Light Star Bright – this luxury bath melt was practically created to go viral on Instagram, and is a must for any glitter-loving fairy princess. It turns your bath water a galaxy of gorgeous colors, and puts a silver sheen throughout the water that melts into the skin, making you look none other than ethereal. It’s quite the magical experience.


Perhaps the person on your list is more into showers than bubble baths. Fear not! Lush has a fantastic selection of special soaps and delicious concoctions that can take any shower from dull to magical. I’ve discovered a couple soaps that I’m absolutely in love with. First is Snow Fairy, a hard soap version of their cult favorite body wash of the same name. This one smells as sweet as candy and leaves your skin feeling incredibly soft. The second soap I’ve been crushing on is Golden Pear – this one actually looks good enough to eat! I love fruit scents when it comes to shower products, and this soap is the perfect blend of fruity and spicy to make it a fantastic addition to your seasonal shower routine. For the person who maybe has enough soaps but you still want to get them a fun bath and body product, the body conditioners from Lush are a great idea. These are really easy to use for silky soft skin (simply apply all over wet skin after washing and then rinse off), and come in some fun holiday scents like Christingle (an icy peppermint) and Buck’s Fizz (citrusy champagne).

Makeup And Other Gifts

Did you know that Lush also makes items that are perfect for your makeup routine? They recently released Sparkle Jars, which are filled with shimmering powder that you pour out and dust over the skin for a magical sheen. These work great as a body or face highlighter, and the best part? The jar is actually made of rich butters that can be melted onto the skin for additional shine once the powders are all gone, which means no cleanup and zero waste. Lush also carries tinted lip balms for the gal who likes a little color with her moisture, and they come in fun shades like Santa Baby that add the perfect festive pop to your holiday look. Another great gift idea would be a solid perfume. Lush has a variety of fragrances (my current go-to is Rentless – a mellow earthy scent with a hint of sweetness), and they’re the perfect size to be a stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift for that friend who’s constantly on the go.

Are you doing any shopping at Lush this holiday season?


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