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November Goals

Happy November! Another month has flown by, and October really passed quickly for me because it was such a busy month. Besides getting to work with some really amazing brands, I had a thorough clean-out of my home, got the place decorated for the season, and had my grandma visit for 10 days. Looking back, it felt like October was a non-stop rush, so I’m looking forward to taking November a little bit slower while still enjoying the seasonal festivities. As soon as the 1st hit, I started listening to Christmas music on repeat, so you can guess what kind of mood I’ll be in for the rest of 2017.

November Goals

  • Take down all of the Halloween decorations and get ready for Christmas!
  • Start sharing gift guide roundups for everyone doing their Christmas shopping early (Are there any specific categories you guys want to see? I’m thinking of doing several including “under $25”, “luxe”, and gender-specific guides, but let me know if you’d like to see some a little more specific/unique)
  • Get some good nature stock photos while the leaves are changing
  • Start thinking about what Christmas gifts I want to buy/make (hopefully I can actually get it all done before Christmas Eve this time)
  • Test out a few new recipes that might possibly make it into our Thanksgiving rotation this year
  • Set aside at least one evening a week to just enjoy a movie or book, no phone in sight (I’m so bad about this one)
  • Get back into taking early morning walks to start my day
  • Color my hair a dark shade for the season
  • Update my makeup bag with new items I recently picked up – would you guys like to see a post on this?
  • Create a new Christmas playlist

Do you have any new goals for the month?


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