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Staying Motivated This Holiday Season

Every year, I struggle with seasonal affective disorder when autumn rolls around. Some years are worse than others, but it usually involves feelings of sluggishness and a lack of motivation and inspiration, paired with intense sleepiness and no real will to partake in my usual activities. Basically, I just want to hibernate all winter and I have a severe case of “the blahs” until March. This year, I’ve decided to do things a bit differently and make a real effort to stay productive. So far it’s really been working out great, and the things I’ve been doing might be able to help others dealing with the seasonal blues.

Planning Big

We’re in the home stretch for 2017, so it’s now or never to get the final things in we’ve been wanting to do for the year. I’ve been keeping myself busy with goals and plans like crazy, and it’s helped keep the inspiration flowing to have several projects going at once. With my blog, I usually plan out my content one month at a time. I decided to switch things up and had the majority of the rest of 2017’s content planned out by October, and seeing all of the upcoming content has kept me motivated to keep creating and working hard. This season can sometimes be a blur, work-wise, but I’m determined to enjoy every minute of it and really put in my all this year.

Making Time For Festivities

It always feels like the holidays fly by every year, and I’m left wishing I had done more or taken the time to enjoy the little things that make the season so magical. This year, I’m making sure to make time for as much as I possibly can, and to really slow down and enjoy the moments as they happen. Doing this has allowed me to feel more present and a part of something, which in turn has fought off the seasonal blues because my day-to-day activities have been filled with so much happiness.

Allowing Some Downtime

One thing I’m really bad about is beating myself up when I don’t live up to certain expectations I’ve set for myself. In years past, I’ve been really hard on myself for missing out on certain festivities or not putting out as much seasonal content as other bloggers, which just made me feel more bummed out and ended up hurting my productivity more than helping it. This year, I’ve decided to be a bit kinder to myself. If I wake up on a particularly gloomy morning and feel the need to stay in bed an extra hour to get my motivation up, I’ll do it without beating myself up for not being immediately productive. If I miss a post or don’t get the “perfect” Instagram shot of a PSL this year, who cares? Putting less pressure on myself is not only an important part of good self care, but it will also allow me to feel less stressed and more motivated in the long run.

How are you staying motivated this season?


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