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Quick Ways To De-Stress When You Don’t Have A Lot Of Time For You

Stress is a normal part of life. As much as we’d all like to just drop everything and head to a spa for the week when feeling overwhelmed, we usually have to power through and keep on working (unless you’re a Kardashian, of course). Most of us don’t have a ton of time to focus on staying stress-free, so here are some quick ways to help de-stress when you’re busy or don’t have a lot of time to devote to relaxing.

17 Ways To Quickly De-Stress

  1. Enjoy a cup of your favorite coffee or tea
  2. Practice breathing exercises
  3. Take 5 minutes to jot down a list of the things you’re most thankful for (and refer back to it the next time you’re feeling stressed)
  4. Try aromatherapy
  5. Listen to some relaxing music
  6. Choose a positive mantra that you can slowly repeat in your head
  7. Keep a “stress journal” where you can write about what’s bothering you and then let go of it
  8. Watch a relaxation or ASMR video on Youtube
  9. Give yourself a hand massage (a perfect excuse to bust out your favorite hand cream)
  10. Splash your face and neck with some cool water
  11. Light a candle
  12. Take a quick walk and get some fresh air
  13. Clean something
  14. Do a bit of light stretching or yoga
  15. Vent your frustrations to a close friend
  16. Do something that makes you laugh (I love watching random Vine compilations when in need of a giggle)
  17. Call a loved one

What do you do when you need to quickly de-stress?


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