Makeup Favorites That Don’t Require A Mirror

When it comes to beauty, the more effortless the better. Of course quality is something I always look for, but I also love products that don’t require much work to do the job. If I can just throw some things on and look perfectly put together, then I’m definitely a fan. Luckily, I’ve found a few products that are so effortless, they don’t even require a mirror to apply (an absolute dream for rushed mornings).

Maybelline Color Tattoos

The Color Tattoos have been a longtime favorite of mine due to their ease of use and high quality. I often use these as a one-wash color on busy days, and as my starting base on days when I’m doing a full eye look. Right now, my absolute favorite shade is Creme de Rose. I ordered this online after reading that it was supposed to be an affordable dupe for MAC’s Painterly Paint Pot, and have been in love with the shade ever since. It matches my skin tone but with a slight pinky hue, so it’s a really gorgeous base but also works great at covering up any little eyelid veins for a more natural looking eye.

Glossier Haloscope

I’ve raved about the Glossier Haloscope highlighters before, but I’m back to do it some more because they’re just that good. I love that I’m able to apply this without needing a mirror. I just swipe some on the tops of my cheekbones and down the center of my face, blend it out a bit with my ring fingers, and I’m good to go. This gives your skin the prettiest, dewy glow – not too shiny or glittery, but an actual “lit from within” glow. If you’ve been wanting to try these highlighters, Glossier recently launched a set where you get to choose a Haloscope and a Boy Brow (two of my absolute favorite products from their collection!). Not only does this qualify you for free shipping, but you can also get 20% off when you shop using my link (plus this also really helps me out).

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments

I never leave home without at least one Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in my bag, and for good reason. These are super hydrating while also adding a bit of color, so you’re able to achieve a finished lip look with just one product. The best part? They’re still just a lip balm, so you don’t need a mirror to apply them. They’re not messy or tricky to put on, which means you can just swipe some on and look put together. My current go-to shades have been Nude* and Honey*. I’m really loving the look of a nude lip paired with a subtle smokey eye. It’s a classic look that’s forever in style, and really makes you appear on top of your game, even when you’re not feeling it.

Glossier Stretch Concealer

Another Glossier product, what what can I say? I’m obsessed with the brand. Their Stretch Concealer easily makes this list because it’s just so effortless to use. It’s an extremely lightweight, creamy concealer that still packs a punch. I love how it just melts into my skin while concealing redness, dark circles, and any acne flair ups. I just use my ring fingers to pat this under my eyes, on my cheeks (where the majority of my redness lies), and on any pimples, and I’m good to go. Since this blends into the skin so nicely, I never need a mirror to make sure that it’s applied properly because it just automatically does. Ultimate effortless beauty product.

What are your favorite products that don’t require a mirror?


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