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13 Things To Do On Halloween When You’re Grown Up

Halloween will always be one of my favorite holidays. I love all things spooky and macabre, and there’s just something so nostalgic about this holiday that will never get old. Although I’m (sadly) too old for trick-or-treating, I still love to celebrate the day any way I can. Since Halloween is only a week away, I thought it would be a great idea to share 13 fun things to do if you, like me, are all grown up but still want to get in the holiday spirit.

  1. Host a costume party on your blog or Instagram (have people use a special hashtag so everyone can see each other’s costumes)
  2. Volunteer at your church’s or neighborhood’s harvest party
  3. Check out your local bar scene for a Halloween pub crawl
  4. Get together with a couple friends and host a Halloween party
  5. Have a scary movie marathon (with popcorn and Halloween candy, of course)
  6. Dress up and pass out candy to the neighborhood kids
  7. Cook a Halloween-themed dinner (I always see this recipe on Pinterest, but I don’t think I could stomach it, haha)
  8. Try out a Halloween makeup tutorial on Youtube
  9. Read a scary book or find some creepy short stories to get wrapped up in
  10. Give yourself a matching Halloween mani/pedi (there are all kinds of cool tutorials on Youtube that you can try out)
  11. Carve some pumpkins and bake the seeds for a delicious snack or salad topping
  12. Binge-watch a scary show on Netflix, like The Walking Dead or American Horror Story
  13. Spend a night in with your favorite pumpkin-scented products and have a full on pamper night

How are you spending your Halloween this year?


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