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How To Never Run Out Of Blog Post Ideas

In the early stages of my blog, I was under the misconception that if I wasn’t careful, I would use up all of my ideas for blog posts and then have nothing to write about. I always wondered how the “bigger” blogs consistently had fun, interesting new posts to share every day. How did they keep coming up with all of these great ideas? It wasn’t until a couple years ago that I began to really understand how coming up with content ideas works. My biggest fear, I’ve learned, was completely false – it’s pretty much impossible to completely run out of things to write about. You probably will have moments of writer’s block, but those are totally normal and will go away quickly, and you’ll be right back to coming up with fresh ideas.

All of that said, we’re still left with a very important question – what is the secret to constantly coming up with new blog post ideas? Well, I don’t think there are any “secrets”, per se, but I do have some tips that have helped me consistently think of topics to write about for the past year. Here are 4 things that have worked for me..

  1. Always keep a notebook on hand. This is a big one for me – if I think of an idea for a post but don’t have any way to write it down to save for later, there is a huge chance that I’ll forget it when it comes time to add it to my editorial calendar. You can either keep a physical notebook on hand (either in your purse, wallet, or school bag), or you can just use the notes section of your phone.
  2. Train your mind to always look for new ideas. This is one that you’ll grow into over time. I’ve become much better during this past year at spotting opportunities for content ideas. I might read an article in a magazine or on a blog and it will spark an idea for a future post. You want to train your mind to always be on the lookout for a new idea or concept. (Note: This does not mean reading something and just rewriting it in your own words. Instead, think up a way that you can share something similar but that’s all your own. For example, I might read a magazine article about lip trends for the season, and that could inspire me to write a post about my favorite lip products for fall or my go-to winter lip look. See the difference?)
  3. Constantly search for new sources of inspiration. One of the easiest ways I’ve found to think up new content is to always be looking for fresh inspiration. I read all kinds of blogs and magazines, look up different trends and styles online, frequent sites like Pinterest and Tumblr, and regularly follow new accounts on Instagram. I do all of this so that I’m never left seeing the same things over and over again – this helps spark new ideas and concepts, as well as keeping the creative juices flowing.
  4. When all else fails, revisit your past work. Sometimes you don’t have to look any further than your own blog for a burst of inspiration. When I’m trying to come up with new content, I like to look through my archives and see if there are any posts that I can build off of, or maybe add on to by creating a “part 2” post. A great example of this is my original 50 Blog Post Ideas article. After writing it and seeing how much you guys enjoyed it, I knew that I could create more posts like it that would be even more helpful because they would be more focused and tailored to specific blog niches.

Do you have any tips for coming up with content ideas?


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