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3 Ways To Live A Little More Green

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Ever since wanting to go vegan, I’ve discovered so many different things I can do to not only live a little healthier, but to also help make the planet a happier place to live. I used to feel like there was nothing I could do to help the environment because I’m just one person, but that’s actually all it takes – just one person deciding to do what they can to help. As more and more people make the decision to live green, it will make a bigger and bigger impact…but it all starts with one. Me. You. Us.

In my attempt to be more environmentally aware, I’ve discovered a few ways to live green that are easy to incorporate into our daily lives. If, like me, you’re wanting to help the environment by changing some of your everyday habits, here are 3 ways to start that hardly take any effort at all.

Switch To Eco-Friendly Beauty Products

As a beauty obsessive, the quickest way for me to make a difference is by using more eco-friendly products. While this might sound a little too “granola” for some, there are actually several ways to do this that don’t involve mixing up soap in your backyard. A lot of brands are going natural these days, plus there’s also a huge handmade beauty market that’s growing more and more each day. I love supporting handmade and indie brands that provide better products than what we’ve become used to.

One change I’ve made this year is switching to a natural toothpaste.
Tom’s of Maine® Luminous White™ Toothpaste Clean Mint (purchased at my local Walmart)
has become my new product of choice to maintain a healthy, shining smile. It’s a great option for someone wanting to live more eco-friendly because it is a natural product made up of biodegradable or mineral-derived ingredients with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. I love using whitening toothpastes to get as brilliant of a smile as possible, but some brands create products that are way too harsh for my teeth. With Luminous White, I never have to worry about that because it’s safe on enamel as well as being safe for everyday use.

Learn To Unplug

This may sound like a “get away from social media” rant about to start, but I actually mean this quite literally. We’ve become a society heavily attached to electronics, and even when not in use those products stay plugged in, consuming small amounts of energy that can really add up over time. When you’re not using something, unplug it. Not only will this help you use less electricity (yay smaller utility bill!) but it will also allow your electronics to last longer since they’re not constantly running (which will also save you money, so it’s really a win-win). If you have too many gadgets plugged in that the thought of unplugging and plugging them back in all day sounds like nightmare, try plugging them into power strips instead. That way, when you leave a room you can just unplug one thing and save yourself a lot of time and hassle.

Create A Recycling Routine

One of the biggest ways we can take care of the environment is by recycling. As a society, we create and consume so many products that use an abundance of papers, plastics, and metals, and these are all just piling up in landfills and garbage dumps. To start recycling today, all you have to do is make a phone call or two and do a little research. Look up your city’s collection center and find out what kinds of things can and cannot be recycled. Then, give them a call to set up a pick-up service as well as getting a can for recyclables (you might have to get a few if your city doesn’t allow single-stream recycling so you can separate plastics, papers, glass, etc).

How do you try to live a little more green?


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