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Quality Is King, But What Does That Really Mean?

If you’ve ever read a post about improving your blog, I’m sure you’ve come across the phrase “quality is king”. It’s probably the most important piece of blogging advice you could ever receive (it’s something I’ve always preached), but what does that really mean? What determines quality these days, and how do you know if your post has what it takes to deliver the kind of payoff you’re hoping to see? It’s easy to say “write high quality content that your readers are going to love!”, but today I’d like to go a little deeper than that and explain a few key elements that high quality content must have.

Be Evergreen

If you’ve never heard of the term “evergreen”, it basically means content that never ages or expires. Blog posts that are evergreen don’t lose their quality as time passes – a post that is helpful today will be just as useful in 5 years. To write evergreen content, you’ll usually want to stick to topics that are relatable and that don’t rely on a time-sensitive trend to be considered helpful. Try to think of topics that won’t loose their potency after a few months or a year.

Help Your Readers

The easiest way to write a quality blog post is by creating content that helps your readers. I’ve always been a huge fan of sharing my secrets when it comes to blogging – not only is it extremely useful for my readers, but it also allows me to establish myself as a trusted source for this type of information. It doesn’t have to just be about blogging though. You can help your readers with a variety of topics, depending on what you’re knowledgeable about. Super crafty? Share some unique DIYs or crafting tips. Know a lot about business? Think about creating a startup guide for small businesses or tips on how to reach new customers. Whatever you excel at, figure out ways to turn that knowledge into beneficial content for your readers.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

My final tip for creating quality content is to always put your best foot forward. With each post, make sure you’ve done your absolute best to create a worthwhile reader experience. Take and edit gorgeous photos that will catch people’s eyes and make them want to share your post on Pinterest. Write posts that package punch while not being overly difficult to read or understand. Create a post you would want to read, and make sure it looks polished and professional before publishing it to your blog.

Do you have any tips for creating quality content?


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