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LaFlore Skincare | The Benefits Of Using Probiotics

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Skin can be a fickle thing, especially when we put so many different products on it every single day. Sometimes it’s best to simplify things and go back to the basics when it comes to ingredients. Enter, probiotic skincare. LaFlore recently released a 3-part skincare line that focuses on repairing the skin using probiotics, and it could possibly be one of the best things you ever do for your skin. The way these products work is by combining active biomolecules at clinical strengths with the perfect blend of natural ingredients, creating a balanced and glowing complexion. By harnessing the power of probiotics, LaFlore works with your own “good flora” (the microbes that live on the skin) to improve it’s defense system. Once skin flora is restored, it is permanently healthy, which means you can transform your skin into a glowing, radiant complexion just by switching to a probiotic skincare routine.

LaFlore’s skincare line is currently made up of three products – the Probiotic Cleanser, Serum Concentrate, and Probiotic Daily Defense Moisturizer.

Probiotic Cleanser

This mild cleanser is infused with clinical strength ingredients like Perilla Seed Oil, Luteolin, Terpens, and Phenols for natural exfoliation that helps the skin’s hydration, circulation and cell renewal.  It’s meant to be used in the evening and should be applied to dry skin. I love cleansing my face with this at night before bed. It gets my skin nice and clean without making it feel tight and dry. It’s also quite gentle so it’d be perfect for all skin types.

Serum Concentrate

This serum includes Aloe, Hemp seed oil, Sea Buckthorn fruit oil, St. John’s oil, Avocado, Jojoba, Squalane, and Beta Carotene. These natural ingredients work to bring back balance to skin and allow it to rest and heal, while increasing cell communication, calming inflammation, and boosting the immune system. I was completely surprised by this serum and how well it worked with my skin. I usually have redness on my cheeks and forehead, but after using this for a couple weeks I noticed a vast improvement in the quality of my skin. This has helped to calm my complexion down quite a bit, plus it can also be used as a spot treatment for blemishes which is super helpful.

Probiotic Daily Defense Moisturizer

The final step to the regimen works to strengthen the skin’s flora, increase cellular metabolism, and enhance collagen synthesis for a stronger skin barrier. Using this moisturizer in the morning helps to fight off skin stress from environmental aggressors, cosmetics, cleansers, and soaps, all thanks to ingredients like Aloe, Pycnogenol, Bisabolol Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Vitamin D3, and Hyaluronic Acid. I’ve really been enjoying this moisturizer. It’s light and absorbs well, so it’s perfect for when you’re about to put makeup on. My skin feels incredibly hydrated and nourished after using it, and I’m not left with any greasiness after application.

I have to say that after using this skincare line and learning all of the benefits of probiotics for the skin, I’m definitely a huge fan. My skin has been treated so nicely, and I can definitely tell an improvement in the overall look and feel of my face. The texture is smoother, redness has calmed, and makeup applies much easier now. This entire collection is so nourishing for the skin because it’s created without any harsh chemicals like petrolatum, silicones, and dimethicones. In fact, the base of each product starts with aloe rather than water, so there is a vast healing property to this collection that other skincare lines miss out on. LaFlore is cruelty-free, planet-friendly, and free of things like parabens, sulfates, soy, and gluten, so you can rest easy when using this brand.

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Have you tried probiotic skincare before?


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