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5 Ways I’m Embracing Hygge This Season

One of the things I really want to focus on this season is cultivating more hygge in my life. I became introduced to the Danish term last year when it became kind of trendy for a few months, and I quickly fell in love with the entire concept. If you haven’t heard of hygge, it’s the Danish ritual of enjoying life’s simple pleasures. When I think of hygge, things like coziness, being content, and finding joy in the little things comes to mind. It’s such an enchanting way to live, so I’ve decided to be more intentional with living a cozy life this season.


Bringing hygge into the wardrobe is quite easy, especially when the weather turns cold. I’ve been slowly collecting big chunky sweaters to snuggle up in, as well as things like slippers, blanket scarves, and thick leggings. I’m having trouble finding sweaters that aren’t slightly fitted, so I’m on the hunt for ones that are a bit oversized and on the thin side so they’ll be better for layering. Speaking of layers, I’m also looking to add a nice stock of simple t-shirts to wear underneath sweaters and cardigans. It’s hard to find a women’s tee that isn’t vastly low-cut or snug as hell, so I’ll probably just end up getting some men’s t-shirts instead.


Decor is probably my favorite area to incorporate the coziness of hygge. As I’ve started decorating for fall, I’ve been able to bring in festive elements like cinnamon pinecones, delicious candles, cozy blankets, plaid throw pillows, and pops of burnt orange. Seasonal decor is so much fun to play around with, especially in autumn. I’ve been lighting lots of candles lately, which automatically make my home feel nice and cozy. There have also been an abundance of chunky throw blankets, perfect for snuggling under on a cold day while working. I need to find a way to bring this warm pleasantness into my spring and summer decor as well, although maybe that’s what makes fall and winter so magical.


For beauty, I’ve been relying heavily on cozy spa nights and rich treatments to bring about a bit of hygge. Things like warm bubble baths and decadent face masks have become part of my usual routine, and I’ve definitely noticed a pleasant, relaxing effect that they’ve had on my overall mood. There’s nothing quite like a hot bath on a cold day to put you in peaceful spirits, especially when you include some of your favorite bath bombs and bubble bars. If I know I’m going to be relaxing in the bath for awhile, I’ll throw on a hydrating face mask so my skin can really soak up all of the nutrients.


Making big, hygge-worthy meals is something that comes rather easy for me. My family is Italian, and I grew up with a father who is incredibly talented in the kitchen. Big family dinners have been a part of my life ever since I was little, and there’s just something about everyone gathering around the table to enjoy a home cooked meal that perfecting evokes the feeling of hygge. Now that the weather is cooling down, I can expect warm, hearty meals like chilis, stews, and other things that incorporate seasonal spices and root vegetables. I’ve recently become obsessed with hot cocoa (I blame living in a house with a Keurig), and it’s become my favorite little treat or nighttime dessert. I love relaxing with a hot cup of cocoa and some light music before bed, usually while reading or getting caught up on social media.

Daily Routine

Something a little different that I’ve been doing is changing up my daily routine so I have the best chances to experience hygge. I used to be such a night owl, but lately I’ve been getting up early so I can enjoy quiet mornings wrapped in a blanket with a hot cup of coffee. I love being able to wake up slowly, plus this has allowed me to get the majority of my work done earlier in the day so I’m able to not feel as rushed in the afternoons. Since I’m getting up so early, I’ve been able to go to bed at a normal hour, and this might be my new favorite part of the day. Getting ready for bed in a slow manner has allowed my body to become tired naturally, so I’m able to fall asleep much quicker now that I know there’s no rush. Also, knowing that I have a full night ahead of me of uninterrupted sleep? Absolutely fantastic.

How are you embracing hygge this season?


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  • Madi Dearson

    It’s the first time i heard of this term – so I learned something new. I love the concept and try to live my life that way as much as possible. for me it’s mainly over the evening when everything quiets down, We started lightning aromatic candles too – it’s doing wanders for our mood and the relaxed feeling. When it comes to clothes I’m all about the cozy and comfy, summer is a bit of a challenge when it comes to that – summers here are VERY warm so instead of cozy i turn to airy and all natural breathing light colored fabrics. Loved this post!

    March 1, 2018 at 3:28 am Reply
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