A Soothing Skincare Routine For Dehydrated Complexions

Every winter, without fail, my skin seems to lose all traces of moisture and suppleness. The chilly winter air is absolutely dehydrating to my complexion – the results of this being tight skin, intense itching, and dry, flaky patches that are less than glamorous. As soon as my skin starts reacting to the cold weather, I switch up my skincare routine to include all products that focus on infusing my skin with more moisture and providing an overall soothing experience. Here’s what’s currently in my arsenal to battle dull, dehydrated skin…

I start off my routine by cleansing my face with the Origins Checks And Balances Frothy Face Wash. This is one of my favorite cleansers because of how well it balances out my complexion. It gets my skin super clean and helps keep my t-zone from feeling oily, but doesn’t dry out the areas of my face that need moisture. If you’ve got normal or combination skin, definitely give this cleanser a try. After patting my skin dry, I take one of the Glow Tonic To-Go Pads* from Pixi Beauty and wipe it all over my face. This is both a toner and a chemical exfoliant, so my skin is left looking dewy and fresh. As soon as that’s dried, I spritz some of the Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist* all over and just let it soak into my skin while I do something else (usually painting my nails or catching up on Youtube videos). I love this mist because it helps to calm my sensitive skin and soothes any redness from washing, plus it’s just really nice and refreshing.

About once or twice a week, I like to do a moisturizing face mask. Usually I’ll just throw on a sheet mask and call it a day, but lately I’ve been loving Caudalie’s Moisturizing Mask. It’s so relaxing to just apply it all over your face and let it soak in while you chill for a bit. If it’s a night where I’ve applied this mask, I’ll let it do it’s thing for 15-20 minutes, and then I’ll apply a couple drops of the Pai Rosehip Oil. This stuff is good. My face always feels so nourished after using it and I can definitely see a nice glow to my complexion once it soaks in. After that, all that’s left is hydrating my eyes and lips. I’m forever obsessed with the Creamy Avocado Eye Treatment* from Kiehl’s, and use it religiously for my under eye area. It’s incredibly nourishing and a little goes such a long way. For lips, the ultimate moisturizing product is Dior’s Creme de Rose Lip Balm. It is so soothing for chapped lips – adding a ton of of hydration and smoothing out and rough areas. It’s definitely a luxury product, but worth every penny.

Do you suffer from dry winter skin? Which products are your go-to?


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