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The Health Benefits Of Going Minimal

When I made the decision to transition to a minimal lifestyle, I knew I wanted it to be something that encompassed every aspect of my life and not just my spending habits. Making a conscious effort to be more simplistic in everything I do has proved quite interesting, and I’ve noticed a bunch of positives so far. One area where I’ve begun to see vast improvement is my health, both physically and mentally. It’s amazing how much of an impact just a few small changes in your life can make. Here are some of the health benefits I’ve been enjoying lately…

Less Stress

Getting rid of the clutter and excess in my life has also removed a lot of unnecessary stress I didn’t even realize I was struggling with. It’s been amazing – with each object I’ve gotten rid of, I’ve felt a little bit more weight lifted off my shoulders. I’m not finished be any means, but I’m happy to see that what I’ve done so far has already improved my wellbeing so much. My plans are to continue purging my life of unneeded belongings and habits, move into a smaller apartment so I’m not spending as much on square footage I don’t need, and start saving up for a car.

Healthier Diet

All this month, I’ve been working on bringing my minimalism into the kitchen. I used to be really bad about buying extra things I didn’t need just because they were on sale or looked delicious (note to self: shopping on an empty stomach is never a good idea). I now make sure to only buy what I need, and always go to the store with a dedicated shopping list. One thing that has really helped is to plan out my menu for the week ahead of time, so I know exactly what I need to buy for meals and am less tempted to wander aimlessly up and down the aisles. This has allowed me to focus on a healthier way of eating, since I’m only buying the things my body needs (fruits, veggies, etc) instead of junky indulgences (chips, sweets, etc).

Better Time Management

Eliminating the excess from my daily routine is allowing me more time for the things that truly matter. Since I’m not committing myself to hours of mindless social media consumption, I have more time each day to do things like working out, cleaning, going to church, spending time with loved ones, and exploring flea markets around Springfield (an old hobby that I’ve found a new love for). My days don’t feel so rushed or like they’re blurring together, and I’m actually able to say yes to things that matter most to me.

More Of More

Surprisingly, living with less has actually been giving me more. More peace. More freedom. More money and financial stability. More room for the things I own. More purpose and a better sense of self. Living with the mindset of “I’ve got to have a lot of stuff to be happy and successful” was exhausting and draining, and left me feeling completely depleted. The way our world works now is definitely not the answer to finding happiness. Instead, it’s actually the complete opposite. We should be focusing on quality instead of quantity for every aspect of our lives if we want true happiness and inner peace.

For any of you minimalists out there, what are the health benefits you’ve experienced with this lifestyle?


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