3 Products For Effortless Hair

As much as I love having different beauty routines, when it comes to my hair I must confess I am super lazy. I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with my hair. As a teen, I would spend over an hour every morning on my hair alone, trying to get it perfectly styled for school (just to have it fall limp and lifeless by the end of the day). Now, I only spend 10-15 minutes, tops. Thanks to my laziness when it comes to haircare, I’ve found a few products that make gorgeous hair practically effortless.

For When You Want Body & Curl

A quick way I love to style my hair right out of the shower is with a sea salt spray. Just a few spritzes through damp hair, scrunch it up a bit, leave it to air dry and bam! Perfectly beachy waves with lots of body. This is a great style option for the summer, but I also love this look all year long. I absolutely love the Sea Spray from French Girl Organics*. It’s super light and doesn’t weigh your hair down, plus it’s made with all natural organic ingredients (and by the cutest handmade shop ever). On days when my hair is feeling a little limp, I like using this on my roots to add a bit of volume and texture.

For When Your Don’t Want To Wash

We’ve all had those days where despite our best efforts, we accidentally slept in and end up running late. On mornings like these, you probably don’t have time to wash your hair, dry it, and style it before needing to run out the door. That’s where this next product comes in handy – dry shampoo! I absolutely love this stuff because it’s saved me so much time over the years. My favorite right now is Drybar’s Detox Dry Shampoo. Some other dry shampoos I’ve tried have weird fragrances that leave my hair smelling sickly sweet all day long (eww). Drybar’s version has a super light scent that’s very clean, and it works so well at soaking up any oils in my hair. This product is a must for teased updos and big messy buns!

For When Your Hair Has Given Up

This final product has been an absolute lifesaver for my locks. I’ve got really thick and naturally wavy hair, and it’s becoming more coarse as I get older. On top of all of this, my hair gets frizzy super easily, especially if it’s rainy or humid out. So, all of that paired with split ends, regular coloring because apparently I’m going to be grey before 30, and dryness from said coloring…well, as you can imagine, my hair is often a hot mess. At least, it used to be. Ever since I started using Living Proof’s Restore Instant Repair* after every washing, my hair has completely been transformed. It’s smoother, stronger, barely has flyaways, and is so much more manageable. This stuff is my holy grail hair product, and I’d be a mess without it.

What are your favorite products for effortless hair?


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