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15 Ways To Pamper Yourself Without Spending A Penny

There’s nothing better than a good pamper after a tiring week. Life can be super stressful, which means it’s so important to take some time out for ourselves to relax and recoup. A common problem I’ve noticed is that “treat yo self” has almost become an excuse to spend frivolously. Taking time to pamper yourself can be a blast, but it’s not quite as fun when you’re spending gobs of money on fancy spa days or expensive shopping trips. Luckily, there are so many ways to pamper yourself without having to drop any money at all, and most can be easily done without the need for planning or preparation.

  1. Let yourself sleep in an extra hour on a day when you don’t have any pressing appointments
  2. Pop some popcorn and settle in for the night with a Netflix marathon of your favorite show
  3. Have a spa day at home, using products you already own like masks, lotions, and bath bombs
  4. Take an afternoon off to relax with a good book and some coffee or tea
  5. Cook up your favorite meal using what you already have in your kitchen
  6. Take a walk on a wooded walking trail and pick yourself some wildflowers for your home
  7. Pack yourself a cute picnic lunch to enjoy at your favorite park
  8. Take a nice hot bath, shave your legs, put fresh sheets on your bed, and curl up for the best night of sleep ever (if you’ve never done this, just trust me)
  9. Invite some friends over for a themed movie marathon
  10. Do something active that you absolutely love, like dancing or playing volleyball (this will release endorphins and make you feel happier)
  11. Give yourself a fresh new mani and pedi
  12. Rummage through your pantry for the ingredients to make your favorite dessert
  13. Before bed, journal out your thoughts and thankfuls for the day
  14. Spend some time with your favorite person, even if it’s just a phone call
  15. Light a yummy candle, and enjoy a glass of wine or your favorite cocktail

What’s your favorite money-free way to pamper yourself?


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