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27 Things To Do On A Gloomy Day

Now that the holidays are over, there’s a bit of a gloom in the air. Christmas lights are packed away, schedules have slowed, and repetitive snowy days means there is definitely a lack of sunshine. All of this combined results in an abundance of gloomy days, which can be a total mood killer. Instead of allowing this time of the year to be overly blue, I’ve got a list of fun things to do to save the day and put you in a more positive mindset.

27 Things To Do On A Gloomy Day

  1. Take a warm bubble bath using all of your favorite products (this is a great excuse for a trip to Lush!)
  2. Start a new book you’ve been meaning to read
  3. Thoroughly clean your home
  4. Turn on your favorite playlist and dance around like crazy!
  5. Rearrange and redecorate a room in your apartment/house
  6. Spend the day at your favorite coffee shop with a good book or your laptop
  7. Try a new hobby or craft that you’ve been eyeing on Pinterest
  8. Cook something warm and cozy, like a big pot of soup or fresh pumpkin bread
  9. Wash all of your makeup brushes and organize your makeup so it’s nice and clean for you the following day
  10. Spend some time reading the Bible and journaling your favorite verses
  11. Watch one of your favorite funny movies or tv shows
  12. Get dolled up and take some new selfies for your social media profiles
  13. Call a friend or loved one and have a nice long chat
  14. Pick out a fun workout video on Youtube and get your blood pumpin’!
  15. Invite some gals over for a fun girls night (wine and Chinese takeout is a definite plus)
  16. Spend the afternoon seeing a new movie or two at the theater
  17. Visit a local art museum or aquarium
  18. Meet up with a girlfriend for lunch and a few hours of thrifting
  19. Take the initiative to learn something new, whether it’s a language you’ve always wanted to speak or how to code a specific design element for your blog (you can find youtube tutorials for literally everything, plus it’s always fun picking up a new trait)
  20. Give your face a full spa day, including mud masks, exfoliation, and nourishing serums
  21. Spend some time journaling about your thoughts and concerns for the day
  22. Tackle your “To Do” list! (All of those things you’ve been putting off? Time to do them!)
  23. Update your social media profiles, and unfollow any accounts that you’re really not enjoying (be honest with yourself here)
  24. Light your favorite candle, put on some calming music, and just relax for awhile
  25. Get caught up on your favorite Youtube channels
  26. Buy yourself some fresh flowers
  27. Get lost in a video game for a few hours (especially if it was one that you loved as a child)

How do you beat a gloomy day?


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