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January Goals

Happy New Year! After the mess that was 2016, I am so excited for a fresh year and a new start! I have a ton of plans for the next 12 months, and everything falls under the theme of “minimalizing” – I want the focus on getting rid of the excess, downsizing all of my belongings, and putting more of a focus on the things that truly matter to me. I watched a documentary a few weeks ago called Minimalism that was absolutely life changing, and I really feel that God is placing me in a season of “less”. Less clutter, less distraction, less frivolous spending, which in turn will make room for more in terms of relationships, personal growth, and inner happiness. January is going to be a great month to kick all of this off, and I’m ready to dive on in!

January Goals

  • Start regularly journaling, along with my daily gratitude journal
  • Choose a new fitness program to start (I’ve done Blogilates and Yoga with Adrienne before – y’all give me some recommendations!)
  • Celebrate my 28th birthday on the 19th!
  • Cook a new dinner each week completely from scratch
  • Visit a few flea markets
  • Start saving up to move into a smaller apartment
  • Rearrange my living room
  • Figure out how to not kill living plants (someone send help)
  • Clean out my fridge and cupboards, and restock with fresh foods
  • Start a new Bible study (just ordered this one and I’m so excited to get it!)

What are your goals for the start of the year?


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