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6 Must Reads For Creative Millennials

I’m a huge fan of personal development. I love finding a good book that can help me grow in either my daily life or my business. Not every book out there is necessarily life-changing, so when I find one that is, I want to share it with everyone I possibly can. Today, I’ve got six reads that are ideal for creative twenty-somethings looking to improve their lives somehow.

  • Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon – This book holds a special place in my heart because it helped me gain some clarity during a rather difficult season of my life. I used to really struggle with being overly inspired by others, and had to learn how to use that inspiration to create my own thing rather than just recreate a copy of what I’d already seen. This book is full of some incredible tips and insight on how to truly be creative.
  • Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite & It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be by Paul Arden – I’m a huge fan of Paul Arden’s, and if you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you’ve probably seen me mention him a few times. Both of his books are so packed full of incredible ideas, I promise if you read them you will come away completely changed. He really understood the whole thought process behind success – if you only read one (well, two) books from this list, definitely get these.
  • Practically Posh by Robyn Moreno – This book is like a coming-of-age guide for gals that want to create a glam life on a budget. I found this book when I was 18, while browsing the shelves at a local book store, and it felt like I had found my spirit animal. Everything about Robyn’s style is so cute and relatable, and in this book she covers everything from decorating a chic home and throwing a killer dinner party to timeless beauty tips and creating a gorgeous wardrobe without breaking the bank.
  • Make It Happen by Lara Casey – Lara is such a burst a creative energy, it’s hard not to come away feeling excited to create. I first discovered her via Instagram, and was so excited to see that she was writing a book. Make It Happen is filled with empowering chapters and all of the motivation you need to stop being scared and just create already (it’s the perfect read for when you feel in a rut).
  • Sage Living by Anne Sage – I really love this one because it’s not just another home decor book – Anne’s entire concept behind it is decorating for the life you want, which I think is so important. Instead of waiting for something to happen, start acting like it already has and slowly you’ll start to see it come to light. About a year ago, I started decorating the space around me to reflect my ideal brand aesthetic. In doing so, it made taking blog and Instagram pictures so much easier, so I was able to create content at a faster pace, which in turn allowed me to work more quickly and really helped catapult my blog to where it is now.

Do you love personal development? What are some books you recommend?


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