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Where To Start When You’re A New Blogger

So, you’ve decided to start a blog. You’ve been reading them for the past few months or years, and you’re ready to jump in and add your voice to the community. But where do you even begin? Starting a blog can seem rather daunting, but there are a few simple steps you can take in the beginning that will help make the whole process a lot easier.

Pick A Name

I think the overall biggest decision you make as a new blogger is the name of your blog. There are so many people out there starting new blogs or who have been blogging for years. It’s definitely a saturated community, so that means the name you choose needs to stand out, be interesting, and also possibly give a nod to what type of blog you are. Rest assured, rebranding later on down the line, while stressful, is always an option. However, I wouldn’t just choose a random name, relying on a rebrand later when you think of something better. It might take you some time, but really come up with a name that clicks and helps embody the ethos of your brand.

Choose A Blogging Platform

Once you have decided on the perfect blog name, it’s time to decide on which platform you would like to use for your site. There are several different ones out there to choose from, some free and some that charge a monthly fee. A platform that a lot of new bloggers start out on is Blogger, which is free to use and a great site for beginners (but with plenty of room to grow and learn). I recently made the switch to Squarespace, which does cost a monthly fee but in my opinion allows for a lot more creative freedom, as well as having a simple, easy to use layout. If you’re a little more code savvy, WordPress is a fantastic option that lets you completely customize every aspect of your blog.

Decide Which Type Of Blog You Want To Write

If you do a bit of searching, I guarantee you can find a blog about literally anything. There’s a huge freedom in that you are able to write about anything you want, but I definitely think that it’s important to whittle your topics down to 2 or 3. For me, I went with beauty, blogging, and lifestyle. These three topics encompass all of my biggest passions, like makeup, photography, interior design, and writing AGO. What kind of blog do you want to write? Here are just a few of the main topics you could choose from:

  • Beauty
  • Fashion
  • Family/”Mommy”
  • Lifestyle
  • Food
  • DIY
  • Gaming
  • Technology
  • Self-help
  • Business

Know Your Target Audience

The final bit of advice I have for new bloggers is to have your target audience in mind when you start writing your posts. For most of us, our target audience is usually the embodiment of ourselves. They like the same things we like, have similar interests, and are likely in the same age group, so when sitting down to write, create a blog post you yourself would love to read. I try to make each of my blog posts something that, if I saw it go by on my Bloglovin’ feed, I would want to immediately click and read. Having this mindset when creating content has really helped improve the quality of my posts, as well as helped me find the perfect aesthetic for my brand.

Do you have any tips for new bloggers?

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