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10 Types Of Blog Posts That Get Tons Of Views

I’ve talked a bit about quality content in the past, and if you’ve been blogging for awhile I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “quality over quantity” when it comes to your blog posts. What really qualifies as top notch content though, and what’s going to help grow your blog and brand? Over the past several years, I’ve written all kinds of content and have been able to see which types help build community, grow your readership, and increase traffic. Here are the 10 types of blog posts that I’ve found to be the most beneficial in growing my blog.


List posts are always popular because they usually offer valuable information in a quick, easy to process format. Also, they’re super easy to write, which means they’re great for days when you might be strapped for time or are not sure what to write about. A few things I like to use list posts for are post idea roundups, several ways to do or improve something, and reasons why I find something beneficial.


DIYs and how-to’s are great to share because they give you an opportunity to teach and they are very likely to get shared a lot on Pinterest. You might think you have to be a super crafty blog in order to share these types of posts, but all of you to do is think outside of the box. If you’re a beauty blogger, share a fun makeup tutorial. Fashion blogger? Share your best tips on how to style a favorite type of clothing or accessory. For home decor or lifestyle bloggers, sharing a DIY for something cute yet practical for your home would be really interesting for your readers.


Advice-type posts are not only helpful for the people reading your blog, but they also allow you to establish authority and trust in your chosen niche. I like posts like this because it gives me a chance to help others by sharing what I’ve learned. I think the key thing to advice posts is being completely honest with what you’re sharing. Don’t just write “advice” in the hopes of a lot of views. If what you’re writing proves to be false for the majority of those reading it, you’re likely to lose all credibility and people won’t want to read your blog.


Including freebies in relevant posts can be a great way to make them go viral. Posts that include things like free downloads, worksheets, or ebooks tend to get shared a lot (especially via Pinterest), and even if some people wouldn’t originally click on the post to read it, they’re likely to check it out to get the freebie.

Tips + Tricks

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: share your secrets. I used to be afraid of sharing how I do things because I thought it would take away from my own success, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. It was actually when I started sharing my secrets that my blog really took off. The more I shared what was working for me, the more my traffic and subscriber count grew. Tips + tricks don’t have to just be about blogging though – you can share your tips on health, traveling, kicking butt in school, staying organized, saving money, etc.


Product reviews tend to do well, especially if they’re in-depth and detailed. Every time I write a full review on a specific makeup or beauty item, I end up getting a lot of steady traffic over a long period of time. The key to a good review is to make sure your SEO is on point. Have a detailed and interesting title, fill out the Alt Tags for all of your photos, and use keywords in your post that people would likely search.


Curated or roundup posts often get a lot of traffic and shares from readers. While I wouldn’t rely on them all the time, I think one every now and then can be a great way to share things you’re interested in with your audience. I like doing a “Pins I’m Loving” post about once a month, as well as the occasional beauty or homewares wish list. You could also share DIYs you’re planning on doing, holiday decorating ideas, or recipes for a specific lifestyle.


I’m a really huge fan of more personal posts because they can take a lot of bravery to write, and they allow you to get to know the blogger better. With this type of post, I think it’s totally up to the blogger as to how much and what specifically they share about. Don’t write a post you feel uncomfortable with just to try to get more views. Share something because you feel compelled to and you think it might help or inspire someone else.

Controversial Topics

Controversial topics usually get a lot of traffic because, well, they’re controversial. I’m personally not a fan of writing something with the intent to get people riled up and angry. However, if you have an opinion or view that you’re truly passionate about, then definitely don’t be afraid to post about it. The one thing to be aware of is that you may receive some negative comments depending on what you write about, but don’t let that stop you from talking about a topic that’s important to you.

Current Trends/News

The final type of blog posts that get a lot of views are ones that have to do with current news or trends. For me, that tends to be anything regarding new beauty launches or makeup trends. Earlier this year, I wrote a post all about strobing (what it is and how to do it using different products). The post got a lot of exposure, and still gets regular traffic to this day. Again, this is the type of post where you really want to make sure that your SEO is well done – everyone is going to be searching for the topic you’re writing about, so having good SEO will ensure you show up higher in the search results.

Which types of blog posts get a lot of views for you?



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