8 Wardrobe Staples To Transition Into Autumn

Today marks the official start of autumn, and the weather here in Missouri is slowly but surely catching up. Transitioning from summer to fall can be a bit tricky when it comes to your wardrobe – some days thick with humidity, others chilly and brisk. I’ve decided to wait until it truly cools off before creating my next capsule wardrobe, but I have pulled a few pieces out from the back of my closet that are absolute staples for this in-between period.

Chambray Top

I love a good comfy chambray top. Not only are they a classic wardrobe staple, but they’re very versatile and work as a great layering piece. I like wearing my chambray button-down a few different ways. For warmer weather, it looks super cute with the sleeves rolled up and paired with black shorts and sandals. On chilly days, I’ll leave it unbuttoned with a cute tee underneath along with some skinny jeans and ballet flats. It also looks super cute layered over my next autumn staple…

T-Shirt Dress

…a t-shirt dress! I love t-shirt dresses because they’re so comfy to wear (pretty much like pajamas, haha) but look super stylish. You can find ones in so many different styles – striped, long sleeve, slub knit, swing, high-low, and more. T-shirt dresses can easily be styled with sandals and a tote bag on hot days, but you can also pair them with tights and a pretty cardigan in colder weather for a casual-cute ensemble.

Raglan Tee

Raglan tees, in my opinion, are a staple for everyone’s wardrobe. They’re a classic piece that anyone can wear, and they’re just a fun, casual top that’s perfectly comfy for running errands or out on a walk. I feel like with this type of top, you can pretty much wear them with anything -paired with shorts and sneakers for a jog, with skinny jeans and ballet flats while out shopping, or layered with a denim overall dress for a cozy day at home.

Plaid Flannel Shirt

It’s definitely not fall without at least one plaid flannel shirt (and I have a grand total of three of them). Plaid flannel button downs can be styled a lot like chambray tops – either alone or over a cute tee or slouchy tank. I love going for 90s grunge vibe by wearing an oversized plaid flannel shirt over top of an old band tee and some ripped skinnies (this look is also super cute if you tie the flannel shirt around your waist). 


Leggings are a must for the fall transition, and I suggest getting a few different styles. Black leggings can be worn with practically everything so I always make sure to have a pair or two in my wardrobe. Jean leggings a favorite of mine as well because they allow you to have that jean look without having to wear stiff, tight denim (perfect for that time of the month). There are even patterned leggings that are quite cute, like black lace and aztec prints, and they can look really nice paired with a longer top or dress.

Thin Sweater

Though it’s definitely not cold enough for chunky sweaters just yet (at least it’s not here in the Midwest), a thin knit top can be a good item to have on hand for the chillier days. If I know I’m going to be out and about for a large part of the day, I’ll usually grab a lightweight sweater that I can throw on if the temperatures get low. For me, finding the right sweater all comes down to the material. It has to be a soft yarn in a loose knit so the top isn’t snug or itchy. I have one sweater that is extremely loosely knit, so it’s very light and breathable, and is very comfy worn over a simple camisole.

Pointed Flats

Ballet flats are something I tend to wear year round, but there’s just something about a flat with a pointed toe that I love for the upcoming season. They look a bit more stylish than a rounded toe flat, but are still comfortable and easy to wear. My favorite way to style these are either paired with a casual dress or with boyfriend jeans and a simple top.

Tan Tote

You really can’t go wrong with a tan tote bag. Tan goes with everything, and a well structured tote looks casual yet smart with any outfit. Now that school is back in session, having a bigger bag can come in handy for carrying extra books and study supplies, or even just an extra sweater for cold classrooms. When shopping for a tote, try to find one that is reversible so you can get even more styling options out of one bag.

What are your wardrobe staples now that we’re transitioning into autumn?


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