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3 Apps For Gorgeous Instagram Photos

Photography is a huge passion of mine, so naturally I’m a bit addicted to Instagram. I love getting to share bits of my day and see the behind-the-scenes of daily life for my friends. The thing that is my most favorite, though, is creating the perfect photo. This is done with a lot of practice and defining of one’s style, but the editing process also plays a huge part in the end result of your photos. Through a bunch of trial and error, I’ve discovered a few apps that make editing a breeze, and give you flawless results for gorgeous photos.

A Color Story

I’m pretty sure everyone has heard of the A Color Story app by now, but if you haven’t, go download right this second. I’m a huge fan of this app because of all of the brilliant filters you can use. You do have to pay for the additional packs, but they’re all incredibly useful and definitely worth the extra few dollars. You can layer filters and edit certain elements of each photo so you can really get the look you’re going for. A few of my favorite filters are On Lock, Lipstick, Breezy Summer Day, and Jelly Donuts.


This next app is really good if you ever need to use a “brush” to edit certain parts of your photo. Snapseed has tools that allow you to use your finger to draw where you want specific edits to go. For example, in the above photo of my makeup drawer, the makeup itself was bright enough but the background was incredibly dull and blue-toned. Using the brush tool set to “Exposure +10”, I filled in all of the background space around the drawer using my finger and voil√†! A perfectly white background without the subject of my photo getting washed out.


My final go-to app is VSCO – a longtime favorite with a lot of really great editing options. This is another app that offers filters as well as your standard photo editing tools, but these filters have more of a “moody” feel to them. I love using this app when I want to add a bit of a hazy look to my photos, especially during the fall. It just adds that cozy warmth that’s a must for autumn photos.

What are your favorite photo editing apps?


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