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The Plant Lovers Guide To Apartment-Friendly Greenery

Ever since moving into my own apartment, I’ve become quite obsessed with house plants. There’s just something about that added greenery in your home that gives it a “lived in”, comfy feel. Because I live in an apartment, I don’t really have any outdoor area for plants. That means I’ve had to find ones that work well indoors, are easy to take care of, and aren’t too big in case I decide to move sometime soon. Here are my favorite plants that are apartment-friendly and fun to decorate with.


Succulents are definitely my favorite houseplant of all time (I recently ordered a bundle of 25 from Amazon and am so excited to get them replanted in some little gardens and fishbowls). I love all of the different varieties available, plus they’re super easy to care for. Just keep them in a windowsill so they can get a lot of sun (remember – they’re originally supposed to be in a dessert climate), and water once a week to keep them thriving.


Like succulents, cacti come in a variety of types, are easy to take care of, and are so fun to decorate with. These also need lots of sunlight and only have to be watered once a week. Remember, these plants thrive in lots of heat, so don’t keep them in an area that’s constantly cold or near an air-conditioning vent. You can style these by themselves, but I think they look especially cute planted with a few succulents to make your own botanical garden.

Spider Plants

I have a soft spot in my heart for spider plants because growing up, my mom always had at least one in the house. She told me that these are great plants for beginners because they’re easy to care for and thrive in low light. My favorite thing about this type of plant is that it grows out little mini versions of itself that you can clip off and grow into even more plants. These look great potted, but my favorite way to decorate with them is to hang them in a simple macrame plant holder (I love the look of this one and really want to make a few soon).


A good plant to have on hand (for more than just it’s looks) is aloe. This plant is super easy to keep alive – thriving in dry climates and only needing water when the soil appears dry. Aloe is actually a large succulent, which is probably why I like it so much. Well that, and the added health benefits from the gel found inside the plant. Pure aloe vera gel can treat burns, hydrate dry skin, soothe bug bites, remove eye makeup, and more.

Air Plants

If you’ve got a black thumb or have never taken care of plants before, I highly suggest getting a few air plants. These are so cool because they don’t need soil, full sunlight, or lots of water to survive. They thrive on the nutrients and water found in the air, and catch them thanks to their specialized leaves. To care for air plants, all you have to do is lightly mist them daily (in the winter, switch to 1-2 times a week). There are a variety of ways to style these plants – here’s my favorite.

What are your favorite indoor plants?


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