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10 Easy Holiday Beauty Hacks

The holiday season is usually super busy for me, so any beauty hacks that can help save a bit of time are always worth learning. I know you guys are just as busy during this time of year, so I thought it would be helpful to share my favorite beauty hacks that work well for the holidays. Whether it’s makeup, skincare, or hair, I’m sure you’ll find something to help your daily beauty routine run a bit quicker!

Faux Braids

I love the look of braids, but hate taking the time to actually braid my hair and get it to stay just right. What I like to do instead is to use faux braid hair accessories (like here and here) to help style my hair in half the time. You can easily create a stylish holiday hairstyle with barely any effort, and no one will even know!

Glow Up

Skin looking a little lackluster right before your big Christmas party at work? Apply an illuminating face moisturizer before putting on your makeup. If you don’t already have one in your stash, you can easily whip up a DIY version by taking your everyday face cream and mixing in a bit of liquid highlighter (go easy at first – you can always add more later if you need it).

Stay In Place

An easy way to make sure your updo keeps from falling throughout the night is to spray your bobby pins with hairspray or dry shampoo before placing them in your hair. This will give the bobby pins a bit more grip, so they’re less likely to fall out or move during the festivities. Also, make sure you’re tucking them in bumpy side down – this will grip onto the hair better.

Simply Smoky

I love a good smoky eye for the holiday season, but I’m not the best at perfecting all of the steps it takes. Thankfully, I’ve found an easier way to achieve the same look. What I do is pat on my smoky shade of choice along my upper and lower lashes, and then gently blend it out with a fluffy blending brush. This gives the same smoky effect in way less steps, and allows anyone to achieve this classic look on their own.

Lash Queen

If you love the look of false lashes but hate having to deal with the application process (who’s with me?), I have a nifty little trick for you. Simply coat your lashes in a little bit of baby powder first, and then apply your favorite volumizing mascara. The baby powder helps to thicken the look of your lashes by giving the mascara more to cling on too, and you won’t have to worry about a lash falling off sometime during your evening.

Instant Refresh

A super quick way to refresh your face throughout the day is to keep a little spray bottle of rosewater in your bag. A light misting of this natural remedy will help keep your skin hydrated, your makeup looking fresh, and make you feel clean and awake. This is a great thing to keep on hand for flights to see family during the holidays or for a quick pick-me-up during your office Christmas party.

Sharp Angles

Achieving the perfect cat eye is a must for most party looks, and here’s a quick trick to ensure you only have to attempt it once per eye. Simply take a strip of scotch tape and line it up from the end of your upper lash line to the end of your brow. This will give you a nice, seamless line to apply the liquid liner over (like painter’s tape), and then you can just peel off the tape and viol√†! A flawless winged eye.

Go Bold

If you don’t have a lot of time to put on makeup but want to look polished and put together, always opt for a bold lip. Bright red lipstick or a vampy plum paired with a thick coat of mascara is a quick makeup menu that takes no time at all to apply but makes you look like you’ve got a full face on.

Get Cheeky

Want fresh, dewy cheeks in a flash? Simply apply some of your favorite cream lipstick to the apples of your cheeks and blend out with your fingers. This gives the same look as a cream blush, but allows you to not have to carry as many products in your makeup bag. For an even more polished appearance, apply the same shade to your lips to really pull the whole look together.

Fake It

If you’re wanting to pull off a whiter smile but hate using whitening strips (or just don’t have time to), opt for wearing a blue-toned lipstick. Pinks and reds with a blue undertone to them make your teeth appear whiter and more dazzling, which can be super handy for all of those silly photos you’re likely to be in from the New Year’s party.

What are your favorite holiday beauty hacks?


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