5 Feel Good Shows To Binge-Watch On Netflix

I think the past few weeks have been hard on most of us, for many different reasons. Whether it’s due to stress from school, finances, ongoing politics, or even the current season of The Walking Dead, I’m pretty sure we could all use a huge hug right about now. When I’m feeling particularly stressed with real world struggles, I like to give myself a break by escaping to a favorite tv show for a few hours. There’s nothing better than a “feel good” show that makes you laugh, smile, and takes your mind off of things for awhile. Here are a few of my favorites that you can currently binge-watch on Netflix the next time you’re in need of some warm fuzzies…

Gilmore Girls

I admit, I only started watching this show because everyone was freaking out about it coming back this year. Having nearly binge-watched the entire first season in a matter of days, I wish I would’ve watched this show when it was on when I was younger. It’s such a wholesome show, and it’s hard not to fall in love with the characters and the cute little town the show takes place in. I really love the mother-daughter bong that Rory and Lorelei have – their conversations are always so funny and full of wit.

The Office

This is one of those shows that will have you laughing to tears after just one episode. Michael Scott will forever be one of my favorite television characters ever, and watching the shenanigans he gets up to at Dunder Mifflin never fails to crack me up. If you haven’t watched this show yet, take an evening to watch the first season (it’s only 5 or 6 episodes long) and I promise you’ll be hooked.

Hart Of Dixie

I never would’ve watched this shown on my own, but my mom sat through the entire series a few months ago and wouldn’t stop badgering me to give it a try. Well, she was right. This show is so cute and fluffy and romantic and funny…basically everything I want in a good “feel good” kind of show. After just a few episodes, you’ll quickly become enthralled with the cast of characters and fall in love with the adorable little town of Bluebell (even the name is cute!). Also, the two main guys competing for Zoe’s heart aren’t bad to look at either. 😉


This show is an old favorite, and there isn’t a bad day that an episode of Friends can’t fix (or at least make better for a little while). I love putting this show on when I need a little pick-me-up, and it’s also perfect background noise for when I’m working on my computer or doing a little cleaning around the apartment. I know a lot of people have just seen episodes at random, but trust me; sit down and watch the series from beginning to end. It’s so so good.

New Girl

I love New Girl because it’s just adorable. Everything about it, from the characters and storylines to Zooey Deschanel’s wardrobe, is so cute and quirky. This is another show that always makes me laugh (thanks to Schmidt), and it’s hard not to fall for the “Ross and Rachel”-like chemistry between Jess and Nick. 

What are your favorite feel good shows to watch when you’re having a bad day?


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