4 Must-Have Essie Polishes For Autumn

There’s nothing quite like the perfect nail color to put the finishing touch on your autumn outfit. This is probably my favorite season for makeup colors, especially when it comes to nail polishes. Warm neutrals, bright berries, muted grays…all of my favorite fall shades. Now, there are several different brands that you could choose from, but my personal favorite is Essie (#notspons). Their polishes are always super high quality, and they have some of the prettiest colors ever. Here are the 4 must-have shades for autumn that I wear like crazy during this time of year.

  • First up is Bahama Mama, a gorgeous berry hue that looks absolutely amazing for this season. This is probably my favorite shade to wear for fall. It’s dark and moody, but still adds a pop of color. What I really like about this shade is that, depending on how many layers you apply, you can really change up the depth of color.
  • My absolute favorite autumn neutral is Sand Tropez. It’s not white, but it’s not beige…it’s this perfect, in-between sandy shade that doesn’t lean too yellow or too blue. It’s a very clean, classic color, which makes it incredibly easy to wear.
  • Next, we have Merino Cool, a really unique purple-toned “greige” shade that I feel is so perfect for  this season. A few of my blog friends are also huge fans of this color, so trust us and go get yourself a bottle right now! 🙂
  • My last must-have Essie polish for autumn is In Stitches. This is a really pretty dirty rose shade, and it’s the perfect polish if you like to rock pink nails but want something a little more muted for the fall season. 

What are your must-have nail polishes for autumn?


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