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Beauty Tryouts #13

Sorry for being a bit MIA lately. Last week was the Designed For Life conference here in Springfield, and I was signed up as a Door Host so it was a pretty crazy week full of practices and preparations. I’m back with another roundup of new beauty products that I’m trying out this month. This post is a little further into the month than I would like, but I figured it was still worth sharing. Let’s dive on in!

Trufora sent me a whole box of skincare goodies to try out, and I can’t wait to give them a go. This is a brand that was kind enough to sponsor my blog in the past, and I’ve been seeing them pop up all over Instagram lately. I’ve got their Triple Action Exfoliator* which sounds especially promising, as well as their Night Serum*, Intensive Night Treatment*, and Perfecting Eye Treatment*. I’m really looking forward to adding these to my usual skincare routine and seeing how well they work. If you’re interested in trying Trufora for yourself, you can click here to get $20 off your first order!

After debating it for months, I finally decided to go ahead and pick up the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette. I love browns, pinks, and purples because they’re so easy to wear, so I know this palette will get a lot of love. I also ordered a few new lip colors for the autumn and winter seasons – Candy K and Koko K from Kylie Cosmetics, and the Posh Spice Velour Liquid Lipstick from Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Again, a brown, pink, and purple…can you tell I’m really into those colors right now?

I was browsing through the beauty section of Bloglovin’ a couple weeks ago, and noticed several different blogs going crazy over this new “miracle serum” that is supposed to work wonders for the skin and the best part? It only costs $6. Well, when I heard that, I knew I had to give it a shot (I’m a sucker for hype, what can I say?). The website says it’s supposed to clear up any bumps and general skin congestion. I’ve been dealing with some weird texture issues with my skin lately (tiny bumps that you can’t see but can definitely feel), so I’m hoping this will be the miracle worker everyone’s saying it is.

The last few things I’m trying out this month are some new goodies from ELF. They surprised me with a package a week or two ago, and there are some new products they’ve added to their collection that I’m really excited about. The Clay Eyeshadow Palette in Saturday Sunsets* looks gorgeous and I think it will be the perfect little addition to my makeup bag. Then there’s the Eyeliner & Shadow Sticks*, which I think I’m really going to love on lazy days, as well as the Molten Liquid Eyeshadow in Bronze*. Lastly, I got the new Intense Ink Eyeliner*. I think this is going to create really killer winged out looks (hopefully it won’t bee too messy or hard to use).

Are you trying out any new beauty products this month?


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