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September Goals

my Youtube channel (again, haha). I feel so inspired and motivated about blogging right now, and am excited to come out with even stronger content going forward.

Things have been just as productive in my everyday life as well. I finally got all of my makeup sorted and gone through, and was able to give a lot of products away that I wasn’t using. My makeup table is fully set up and organized, which is such a huge relief. I also got the rest of my office rearranged, and now just have to finish putting a few things away and get my photography area set back up. I’ve been cooking more, and have discovered a few recipes that I will definitely be making again.


  • Switch blogging platforms from Blogger to Squarespace (wish me luck on this one!)
  • Create more of a “schedule” for my editorial calendar so certain topics are evenly spaced out
  • Start setting up the outline for my next ebook!
  • Focus more time on growing my Instagram and creating stories every day (make sure you’re following me over there for behind-the-scenes peeks of how I run AGO, including blog photo sessions, video editing, and writing my posts)
  • Finish organizing my photography space so it’s fully accessible
  • Sort through all of my skincare and get rid of anything that’s old or just sitting around
  • Declutter my office and get rid of any unnecessary belongings
  • Start focusing on “intuitive eating” and listening to my body’s hunger cues
  • Hang out at the pool a bit more before it closes for the year
  • Drink at least 3 pumpkin spice lattes 🙂

Do you have any new goals for September?


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