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Unexpected Benefits Of Moving Out

Unexpected Benefits Of Moving Out | A Girl, Obsessed

I’ve officially been living in my own place for 5 months. While it was a difficult transition in the beginning, I’m so in love with living alone now (and actually prefer my alone time in my apartment). One thing I wasn’t expecting from getting my own place was all of the little benefits that would come with it, apart from the usual things like “doing what you want” and “making your own rules”.

Here are all of the little things I’ve been appreciating since moving out:

  • Getting to enjoy an entirely new sense of freedom
  • The ease of eating healthier since I don’t have to worry about anyone else bringing bad food into the house
  • Having a stronger bond with my parents (we’ve always been super close, but moving out has really strengthened our relationships and I have an even better appreciation for the time spent with them)
  • Finally feeling myself mature and grow into this new stage of life
  • Becoming seriously obsessed with everything home decor
  • Learning to embrace change instead of fearing it
  • Having a better appreciation for keeping things tidy and organized
  • Enjoying time spent on my own
  • Getting to know who I am as an individual
  • Feeling more motivated to cook full meals and try new recipes
  • And of course, sleeping pants-less #HomeIsWhereThePantsAren’t

Did you discover any unexpected benefits when you first moved out?


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