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5 Tips For A Pretty Desk

5 Tips For A Pretty Desk | A Girl, Obsessed

Having my own place means I finally have an office space that I can dedicate to my blog. (Yay! No more working from my bedroom!) I’m the type of person that is very visual, so having pretty things surrounding me is a must to stay inspired and creative. Decorating and getting my office set up has been so much fun. The area that I’ve enjoyed beautifying the most has been my desk – it’s where I get the bulk of my work done, from editing videos to writing blog posts.

After arranging and rearranging my desk several times in the past couple months, I’ve learned a few tricks that really help with creating a gorgeous workspace…


Having a beautifully decorated desk is awesome, but it’s pretty pointless if you’re not able to use it to its full potential. That’s why I like to choose pieces that are well designed but also highly functional.  I picked a desk that is minimal in style, but has a great amount of storage space. A stack of magazines is cute and can also work as a little shelf for your table lamp. Large notepads can double as mousepads, and cork boards work both as background art and as a place to hang important documents.


I think when it comes to decorating anything, it’s important to stick to a color scheme. For your work space, you especially want it to be clean and not too busy or it can be hard to focus. I would suggest sticking to just one pattern and 3-4 colors. For my desk, I knew I wanted it to be a space that was very bright and airy. I chose to go with mostly neutrals (white and brown), with pops of pink and mint for fun.


Since this is where you’re going to get most of your work done, make sure it’s inspirational! Hang artwork that fuels your creativity, make a mood board that you can display above your computer, or keep a list of motivating quotes you will see everyday. Whatever you do, make sure it really speaks to you and don’t forget to update it regularly – I like to switch up my inspiration every season so that my ideas are constantly fresh.


Knowing how much space you’ll have to work with is super important. Whether you have an extra bedroom that you can turn into an office or just a small space for a desk in your dining room, get a good idea of how you want to set up your workspace ahead of time so that you don’t run the risk of being cramped and cluttered. For me, I knew that I would have an extra room that could be turned into an office. The room needed to have multiple uses though, so I planned accordingly to have a comfortable desk area while also leaving room for a blog photo station, my makeup table and storage, and a craft space.


My last tip is to add some personal touches to your desk. I can think of nothing more lovely and inspiring than a special art print from a friend, a figurine of a beloved character, or a picture of your loved ones. It can even be as simple as a little love note from your special someone. Surrounding yourself with everything that makes your soul come alive will have you creating more and working happier.

Do you have any tips for beautifying your desk space?


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