14 Ways To Give Life To Old Blog Posts

14 Ways To Give Life To Old Blog Posts | A Girl, Obsessed

After all of the time and effort that us bloggers put into each one of our posts, why do we just send them out into the blogosphere and never pay them attention again? Posts that are 3…6…9 months old are just as good as the content you’re writing today, they’ve just been buried underneath all of the other posts you’ve created. Older posts can actually be used to bring new traffic and readers to your blog – here’s 14 ways how.

  1. Regularly tweet out links to old posts (don’t go too crazy – maybe 1-2 a day)
  2. Every day, pin one of your old posts to a Pinterest board so it can get some fresh exposure
  3. Update old posts with new photos that match your aesthetic
  4. Update old posts with new/better information
  5. Write a follow up (“part 2”) post in response to one of your older posts, and make sure to link to the original article in the follow
  6. In any future content that you write, try to link back to old posts that are similar in topic
  7. Install a “Similar Posts” gadget on your blog that displays under each blog post
  8. Rewrite old titles to make them more catchy and SEO-friendly
  9. If you have a newsletter, regularly share some of your favorite old posts (maybe like a #TBT or Blast From The Past roundup)
  10. Write a roundup post sharing your favorite content from the past
  11. Showcase “Popular Posts” or “Reader Favorites” in your sidebar
  12. Link to your all-time favorite posts you’ve written on your About Me page
  13. Share links to old posts on your Facebook page and in any groups where the post will be relevant
  14. Add Pinterest-friendly images to old posts so they’re more likely to get pinned and go viral

What things are you doing to give life back to old posts?

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