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10 Ways To Nurture A Servant’s Heart

10 Ways To Nurture A Servant's Heart | A Girl, Obsessed

A couple years ago, I took 6 months off from everything to do a bit of soul-searching. I had hit a low point in my life and knew that changes had to be made. When I tried to get to the root of all of my problems, I noticed a recurring theme – I was incredibly selfish. So much of my time was spent worrying about my business, my blog, how many followers I had, how much money I was making, etc. After getting back in touch with my faith and making the decision to make God the full focus and center of my life, I stumbled across the concept of “having a servant’s heart”, and it completely changed the way I live my life.

Having a servant’s heart is all about putting aside your desires so you can better serve others. It’s living selflessly – always aiming to put others before yourself, and it was exactly what I needed. I started reevaluating everything in my life, and putting the focus on “how can I help others?” instead of “how can this help me?”. Ever since I made the decision to try to live more selflessly, my life has exploded with amazing opportunities to grow and learn, and I’ve met some incredible people along the way.

If you want to be the type of person that puts others before themselves, here are 10 ways you can nurture a servant’s heart:

  1. Volunteer your time at a church, shelter, or charity
  2. Donate clothes, food, or hygiene products to local shelters
  3. Give money to your church or favorite charity
  4. Make it your goal to give at least 1 person a heartfelt compliment every day
  5. Reach out to friends and family and see if anybody needs any sort of help with anything
  6. If you live with other people, do things around the house without being asked (especially if it’s a chore one of your roommates hates)
  7. Try your best to not complain and grumble about doing something for someone else, even if you didn’t ask to help them
  8. If you notice that you’re thinking selfish thoughts, steer your mind towards thoughts of gratitude instead
  9. Think of ways you can treat and surprise those around you, like bringing in donuts for your co-workers or doing the grocery shopping for your grandparents
  10. When a friend comes to you for advice or just to vent, really listen to them and try to be as helpful as possible in solving their dilemma

What are your thoughts on having a servant’s heart?


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