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July Goals

July Goals | A Girl, Obsessed

Hello all, and happy July! I can’t believe today starts the second half of the year (how many days until Christmas again?). I’m so ready for a brand new month. June was super busy and the past couple months have thrown a few curveballs, so a fresh month with a bunch of new plans is just what I need!

I was able to check off a good chunk of June’s goals, which I’m super proud of. My office is coming along nicely and is almost finished, and I’ve got a dedicated photography station set up that makes taking blog photos so much easier. I finally got my haircut, and you guys will be able to see it in my next youtube video (which will be up on Sunday!). I even made it to the farmers market and picked up some of the best fresh produce I’ve ever tasted. Basically, I’ve just been decorating, working hard, and trying to enjoying life as much as possible.


  • Gather up books for my annual summer reading list (recommendations are welcome!)
  • Declutter my beauty products and get rid of anything old/not being used
  • Get back into blogging daily
  • Host a fun girls’ night or brunch
  • Buy a new tv stand for the living room
  • Road trip to KC for an Ikea trip
  • Reorganize my makeup table
  • Designed Sisterhood Night!
  • Finish watching Hart of Dixie (I’m halfway through Season 2 and it’s sooo good!)
  • Find a new challenge to take on this month – could be work-related or just for fun
  • Try to make a few new friends at church
  • Attend the next Bravery Board gathering

What are your goals for July?


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