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How To Get The Perfect “Bag Spill”

One of my favorite types of flatlay shots is the “bag spill”. I’m not sure if that’s the proper name for this kind of technique, but it’s what I like to call it. This type of shot is perfect for when you’re posting about the contents of your makeup bag or purse, or something like travel bag essentials. It took me awhile to perfect the bag spill – you’ve got to have the right balance of messy and styled, or the whole photo can come across as overly posed. How do you get that perfect balance though?

The easiest way that I’ve found to get this look is to literally spill your bag. For example, in the photos above, I took my makeup bag and gently shook everything out onto my bed, leaving a few products only sticking out halfway. After that I laid the bag down and spun any products around that were facedown so that you could clearly see their names in the photo. And that’s it! I snapped my photos, edited them, and then they were ready for the posts.

Letting the products spill out of your bag naturally will give you a much better composition than trying to arrange everything to perfection. From practice, I’ve noticed that trying to rearrange things afterwards for a more “spilled” look just caused it to appear unauthentic, so let the pieces fall where they may and work with whatever comes together. If you need to, try spilling your bag a few different times until you get an arrangement that you like. 

Alternatively, you can just lay your bag down and have a few items poking out from inside for a more simplified bag spill. I like doing this when I’m only wanting to feature a few products, like in the photo on the right. My biggest tip is to just play around until you get the look you’re happy with. Sometimes it can take a few tries, but it’s totally worth it when you end up with some blog photos that you love!

Have you tried the “bag spill” technique in your photos yet?


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