10 Tips For Recharging Your Creativity When You’re In A Slump

10 Tips For Recharging Your Creativity When You're In A Slump | A Girl, Obsessed

Hitting a creative roadblock at some point in your life is inevitable. It sucks when it happens, and can sometimes take some time to get out of. There are certain things you can do to help pull you out of the creative “slump” though, and get you recharged with fresh inspiration. I’ve been dealing with this a little bit lately, and have found the following tips extremely helpful…

  • Try a new creative outlet. Sometimes all your creativity needs is a little something new. When I’m feeling uninspired with my blog, crocheting something new or making a DIY project for my home always gets me back in that creative mindset. I recently picked up supplies to start watercolor painting, and I can’t wait to get started.
  • Take a break. A nice break away from everything is a great way to allow yourself to refocus and come back stronger. Take some time off to clear your head. Don’t worry about work or what you should be doing – just relax.
  • Find a new source of inspiration. Finding new inspiration is always a key component for me. When I have fresh inspiration, it’s all the motivation I need to create new things. 
  • Allow yourself to have fun. Sometimes we can get too much in our own heads, and can take all of the fun out of something with all of our high expectations. Instead of worrying about what you should be creating, just create with reckless abandon. Have fun with it!
  • Take part in a group activity. Participating in a group project is a great idea because being exposed to creative thoughts and ideas that are different from your own will help you think outside the box. Try getting some friends together for a scrapbooking night or participate in a “wine and paint” night.
  • Do something to challenge yourself. When I find myself in a creative rut, most often it’s because I’ve become complacent and comfortable with where I’m at. When this happens, I know it’s time for a new challenge to push me outside of my comfort zone and give me a fresh perspective.
  • Talk with others in your field. Another great way to recharge your creativity is to chat with other people in your creative field. Talking with other bloggers (especially during a Twitter chat) always gets me excited to blog with more focus and push myself to create even better content.
  • Take a class. Whatever your creative medium, taking a class to further your skills or to learn something new entirely can help jumpstart your inspiration and get those creative juices flowing again.
  • Revisit past ideas. Taking a look back at past creations can help spark new ideas, as well as remind you why you fell in love with this particular creative medium in the first place. Looking back over old blog posts can be a little cringe-inducing for me, but it always gives me some new ideas for future content.
  • Start over. Yep, you heard me right. Start over. Forget everything you’ve learned, and start anew. Sometimes, we can get so caught up in all of the “tips and tricks” that we’ve learned, that we can lose sight of how to just create. Start fresh as if this is day 1, and allow yourself to create without boundaries.

How do you recharge your creativity when it gets depleted?


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