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3 Tips For Creating An Editorial Calendar That Works For You

3 Tips For Creating An Editorial Calendar That Works For You | A Girl, Obsessed

One of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my blogging career is to be diligent in following an editorial calendar. I used to just fly by the seat of my pants when it came to coming up with blog posts ideas and planning content – most days, I didn’t even know what I was going to blog about until the night before. Ever since I started sticking to an organized editorial calendar, my content has gotten better and I’ve been able to have a more streamlined work process that is less stressful. The key to creating the perfect calendar is making it work for you – here are three of my top tips!


The first thing you’ll want to keep in mind when setting up your editorial calendar is your blogging schedule. Do you plan on posting everyday? Twice a week? Mon/Wed/Fri? Whatever your preferred schedule is, highlight or mark those days on your calendar so you know exactly how many posts you need to have planned for the month. This will also help you commit to a dedicated posting schedule, and make your workflow a lot easier when it comes time to take photos and create your content.


This is one that proved to be a huge turning point for me, and allowed me to fully stick to an editorial calendar. When I first heard about this process in regards to blogging, I thought I had to physically write out my planned posts on a calendar in order to be doing it right. The problem for me is that I’m always on the go, so I might not have my calendar with me when I’m wanting to write a post. To remedy this, I switched over to a digital calendar app that I could access on all of my devices – that way, I could see my editorial calendar wherever I was. So, go with a system that works best for you, not just what everyone else is doing. If paper and pen aren’t for you, try finding a program online (like Google Calendar) that fits your needs.


My last tip is to allow yourself to be flexible. Life happens, situations come up, and next thing you know, you’re completely out of time to get tomorrow’s post written and ready to go. Or maybe you’ve got your entire month planned out, but when it comes time to write, you’re just not inspired by your next post’s topic. That’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with switching around post ideas or changing out one day for another. Blogging and editorial calendars are not supposed to be stressful, so stop putting so much pressure on yourself and just have fun. The whole point of keeping a calendar is to help your blogging process, not make it more difficult.

Do you use an editorial calendar for your blog?

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