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10 Ways To Truly Switch Off

10 Ways To Truly Switch Off | A Girl, Obsessed

Something I often struggle with is truly switching off. I’m very much a workaholic, and it’s become the norm to be constantly plugged in the every app and what everyone else is doing. Because of this, I have a very hard time putting down the electronics and not worrying about blog stuff or what I should be working on next.

In an effort to be more present in my everyday life and allow myself to not get burnt out as often, I’ve created a list of ways to completely switch off from online activities when I need a break.

  1. Turn off all devices. This one may seem like a “duh!” thing to mention, but it really is important to regularly turn your devices off. Even if it’s just for an hour, turn your phone/computer off and allow yourself to relax without worrying about what’s going on online.
  2. Get out of the house. One of my favorite ways to switch off from work is to leave all of my devices in my office and just get out of the apartment. Even if I’m just taking a walk around my complex or going swimming, it’s such a nice way to not be tempted to check emails or waste time on Pinterest.
  3. Lose yourself in a good book. Diving into a brand new book can be a great way to unplug. Try to pick something that you can really immerse yourself in – old classics are great, or you can check out the bestsellers list and go with something that everybody’s freaking out about.
  4. Take a class. A great way to distract yourself from being plugged in is to take some sort of class. You can find local classes for any interest – cooking, climbing, gaming, yoga, painting, scrapbooking, etc. I’ve taken cooking and painting classes in the past, and they were so incredibly fun!
  5. Try a new hobby. Along with taking a new class, you can also try out a new hobby. Head to your local hobby shop or craft store, and pick up all of the supplies you need. I’ve really been wanting to try watercolor painting, I just need to buy the supplies I need and give it a go.
  6. Visit someplace new. Whether it’s a new shop in town or a city you’ve never visited before, getting out and going someplace new is a great way to break away from work and give yourself a chance to switch off. Turn off all electronics for the day, and have fun exploring!
  7. Embrace your spiritual side. Each of us are spiritual in our own way. Whatever your beliefs, take some time away from social media and emails to pray, meditate, go to church, center yourself, or do whatever you like to practice.
  8. Surround yourself with friends. Dedicating time to close friendships is super important, and can be the perfect excuse to unplug for an afternoon. Throw a party, host a book club, or just meet up for shopping and drinks with your friends. You’ll come away feeling refreshed and in higher spirits.
  9. Volunteer your time. There’s nothing quite like devoting your time to someone or something else to get you out of a rut. Helping at a soup kitchen, making gifts for a children’s hospital, or serving at your church is incredibly fulfilling, and I promise that helping others will put you in a better frame of mind real quick.
  10. Do something special, just for you. For a quick fix (or when all else fails), do something special that’s just for you. Go shopping, enjoy a luxurious bubblebath, have a Netflix marathon and indulge in your favorite ice cream – so long as you’re not checking your phone every five minutes, you’re good to go.

How do you truly switch off from being online and plugged in?


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