The Best Decongestants For Clogged Skin

Glow Mud Cleanser* gives you a super thorough clean while being incredibly gentle, so it even works for someone like me who has sensitive skin. To go along with the cleanser, they also have a Glow Mud Mask*. This is amazing for dull, tired skin, and goes that extra step to really clear out your pores. Together, these two products help give your skin a natural glow, clear pores, and a radiant complexion.

If my skin is not only clogged but also aggravated and uneven, my go-to is the Deep Down Detox Ultra-Cleansing Mud Mask* from Formula 10.0.6. This mask has ingredients like orange and bergamot to recharge the complexion and balance out your skin tone. The consistency is smooth and creamy, so application is extremely easy and there’s no mess. I really like using this mask on the weekends after a particularly tiring week, or when I get a lot of skin flareups (aka last week).

To really give my skin a spa treatment, Aesop’s Parsley Seed Cleansing Mask is just what I need. It’s a luxurious clay mask that is full of natural ingredients that help care for and clarify your skin. I picked this up after reading about it on several of my favorite blogs, and I’m so glad I did. Every time I use it, my skin looks healthy, clearer, and my pores look far less noticeable.

For more of a spot treatment when I only have a bump or two, I like using the Coconut Rose Clay Mask* from My Fair Lainey. You just mix it with a bit of water to make a paste, and then what I like to do is to apply a bit to any major bumps and let it dry. This really helps to dry up pimples, especially those annoying under-the-skin ones that seem to last for weeks.

Which products do you reach for when your skin is clogged and in need of a good clean?


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