Seasonal Fragrance Favorites

Seasonal Fragrance Favorites | A Girl, Obsessed

  • The Fruity Option: My go-to fruity scent is currently Smells Like Queen Spirit* by Anese. This scent is an absolute delicious blend of orange blossom and vanilla, which is heavenly on a warm day. This is a lighter “elixir” that can be sprayed all over the body and hair for a refreshing dose of citrusy goodness.
  • The Floral Option: For a floral scent, my choice is Daisy by Marc Jacobs of course. This perfume has an airy floral scent that lingers all day long, and has a good balance of flowery notes without being too overpowering or sweet. Also, the bottle is so stinkin’ cute!
  • The Sweet Option: If I’m craving something more on the sweet side, I’ll spritz on some of Juicy Couture’s Couture La La. This is a super sweet, girly scent that I absolutely love. It’s got some bright, fruity notes, and is just the perfect fun summer perfume.
  • The Oceanic Option: Summer is my season for water-type fragrances. My all time favorite is Oceane by L’Aromarine. The way this perfume captures the scent of sea salt and clean ocean air is fascinating – it literally smells like a day on the beach.
  • The Classic Option: My final must have perfume is Chloe. This is a classic “everyday” kind of scent, and is the perfume I consider my signature fragrance. I quickly fell in love with it’s clean yet feminine notes. This is one of those perfumes that you can spritz on in the morning, and you’re still able to fully smell it come nightfall.

What are your favorite fragrances for this time of year?


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