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Getting Through A Sad Day Alone

Getting Through A Sad Day Alone | A Girl, Obsessed

Despite our best efforts, a bad day every now and then is inevitable. How we handle days like these is really important in deciding if the sad feelings only last for a few hours or take over your entire day. It can be easy to get yourself out of a slump when you have friends and family around, but what about those days when you’re completely alone? Here are some of my tips for overcoming a bad day and being your own cheerleader.


Whenever I’m feeling less than stellar, I like to find some things to distract myself rather than dwelling on sad thoughts all day. “Distractions” will vary from person to person, and what works for one might not work for another. I know a lot of people can get lost in music, but that very rarely works for me. Instead, I like to play little games on my phone, watch a funny tv show or movie, and clean/organize my apartment. Finding things that truly distract you from feeling blue will really help turn a bad day into a good one.


There are times when you have so many feelings bottled up, and you just need to get them all out in order to feel better. Try writing all of your thoughts down in a journal or word document on your computer. Don’t hold back – let all of your thoughts and emotions flow out onto the page (or screen) until you start feeling better. Sometimes it can feel a little silly writing something that no one will ever read, but it can be incredibly cathartic and gives you something to look back on so you can possibly prevent those sad feelings in the future.


Sometimes the best cure for a bad day is a peaceful hour away from it all. Turn off all electronics, put on some calming music, light a candle, and just focus on allowing yourself to relax and find peace. Clear your mind – you can pick those previous worries back up later, but for now it’s all about finding your calm. This is a great time to pray, read your Bible, meditate, listen to positive affirmations, or reflect on all of the things that you are thankful for.


I think a lot of sad days are caused by us not being as kind to ourselves as we should be. In this fast-paced world, it’s all too easy to “go go go!” and forget that we need to take regular breaks to care for ourselves as well. Take a luxurious bubblebath, go shopping, cook your favorite meal, practice your favorite hobby that you usually don’t have time for – do something solely for you that will give you a break from the daily grind and allows for some fun. You deserve it.

How do you get through a sad day alone?


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