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Creating A Bedside Beauty Station

Creating A Bedside Beauty Station | A Girl, Obsessed


First, make sure you have a clean, uncluttered space that you can dedicate to your beauty station. I didn’t have anything on the right side of my bed, so I picked up a small metal table from At Home specifically for this area. If you set up your beauty station in an area that’s already got a lot of products or items stored, it’s most likely to become cluttered and covered in things. The whole point of creating this space is to give you an area where you can apply your beauty products before bed, so make sure it’s in a place that won’t get covered up and forgotten.


Deciding which products you keep stored in your beauty station is completely up to personal preference. For me, I like to include my hand and foot lotions so I can apply them right before bed, as well as a lip balm, my eye cream, and a facial mist to refresh my face when I wake up. This is also where I like to store my pillow sprays and essential oil blends for sleep. Other types of products you could keep here are facial oils, cuticle creams, nail oils, face creams, sleeping masks, body lotions or butters, makeup removers, or sheet masks.


A little bedside beauty area is also the perfect place to add a few pops of decor (remember though, keep it subtle so your beauty bits don’t get overshadowed). One of my favorite pieces of functional decor is actually books – the covers offer some decoration, and you can grab one for a nighttime read if you’re having trouble falling asleep. I stacked up a few of my favorite reads (as well as a couple I still need to dive into), and then added a calming lavender candle and a decorative gold diamond that I picked up from Hobby Lobby. Just a few added details like this can really add some personality to your space.


The surrounding wall space around your beauty station can be a great place to add some extra decor. I used the wall above my little beauty table to hang some art prints I recently got, but this would also be a good place to hang a mirror, a clock, your calendar, or some shelving to hold small plants and trinkets. If you’d rather not hammer nails into your walls but still want a decoration for this space, think about hanging some plants or decorative baubles about your table.

Do you have a bedside beauty station in your room?


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