20 Things To Tell Yourself When You’re Feeling Burnt Out

When we do the same thing day after day after day, it can be easy to become a bit burnt out. I try to blog every day. Most of the time it comes as naturally as checking my email or posting to Instagram. Occasionally though, I’ll have moments of burn out and it can be incredibly difficult to create new content with the same positivity and excitement. When this happens, I like to give myself a little pep talk and tell myself things I might’ve forgotten.

  • Remember why you started.
  • This is just a small moment in your life and it will pass.
  • Look for new inspiration to refresh your creativity.
  • Don’t stress – it will only make things worse.
  • Be kind to yourself, and don’t push yourself too hard.
  • Try looking at things from a different perspective.
  • Step away and allow some time to pass.
  • It’s okay to not have all of the answers right now.
  • Everyone goes through periods like this, including those you look up to.
  • Just like an arrow, it’s often our setbacks that catapult us into our biggest successes.
  • One of the best cures for burnout is calm and simplicity.
  • Get back to the basics.
  • Begin something new that isn’t related to what you’re currently burnt out on.
  • Change up your everyday routine – that is usually the first place a burn out will strike.
  • Perhaps all you need is a little bit of rest and relaxation.
  • Don’t feel discouraged – you’ll come through this.
  • Count the positives and your accomplishments.
  • Try creating an action plan for steps you can take to recharge your creative juices.
  • Talking through your struggles with a friend can be a great way to get yourself out of a rut.
  • No matter what, remember that what you’re working on is important and that you are doing a phenomenal job.

How do you handle periods of burnout?


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