Interview with Siham from Noirette Diary

Interview with Siham from Noirette Diary | A Girl, Obsessed
Interview with Siham from Noirette Diary | A Girl, Obsessed
Hi Siham! To start off, tell us a bit about you and your blog.
Hi! It all started in my early Uni days when I first got on tumblr on my free time. I discovered a lot of makeup blogs there and eventually got into the YouTube world, unveiling a special love for beauty that I never had before. Noirette Diary was inspired by my hair, even though it was never fully black, and also by my very monochromatic wardrobe. 
What’s your favorite thing about writing Noirette Diary?
I really love to do makeup looks, that’s what I posted the most in the beginning, I tend to buy a lot of products that don’t get much use so that’s my opportunity to have the pleasure to wear them. I also love to talk about my real-life favorite beauty bits, either makeup or skincare, just to get my own point of view out there and really make my blog more personal. 
If you could only write about one topic on your blog, what would it be?
This is a tough one, considering I love to experiment in my makeup looks but I’m also into real-life beauty. If I could merge those two I’d go for something like every day looks reviewing products. 
Interview with Siham from Noirette Diary | A Girl, Obsessed
Tell us a bit about the post you’re most proud of.
My favorite post is actually an old one. I used to make step-by-step pictorials that were easy to recreate and that everyone can wear. Besides the fact that it is my favorite pictorial, it got a ton of love on Pinterest and is now my most-viewed post on my blog.
You’re also a graphic designer – are you currently working on any professional or personal projects?
I’m currently working full-time as a designer in a very important local business, I love my job because it lets me get very creative at times. I’m currently working on a special project aside from that focused on calligraphy and lettering. I already do some work by freelancing but I’m planning to actually create a brand out of it. 
What’s the beauty scene like in Mexico? Any Mexico-only brands that you love?
I’ve realized that the beauty-blogging community is not as big as in other countries, giving us a lot of opportunities to be noticed. Unfortunately, I live in a small town so it makes it harder to attend every beauty event that takes place in larger cities. 
As for Mexican beauty brands, I haven’t tried one that I absolutely love but I’m currently eyeing some of the lipsticks from Pai Pai, I love the whole concept of this brand and have heard great things about their products. 
Interview with Siham from Noirette Diary | A Girl, Obsessed
Where would you like to see your blog at in the next few years?
I’m starting to really commit to my blog, although it’s hard to keep up with posting and working at the same time. I want people to visit and blog and find it helpful and enjoy reading it, I’m hoping that I can make this my full-time job and commit to it more seriously. 
What are 5 of your favorite posts from your blog?
In no particular order, I love this posts because they’re exactly what I am like. I like that I’m starting to get more personal in my blog and I can see people responding well to those posts, I love that it gives me the idea of what my readers like to see.
Where can we find you online?
Snapchat: @ sihamhd

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