Interview with Nichole from Viva La Nicky

Nichole from Viva La Nicky today! Nichole is such a sweetheart, and I loved having her as my featured sponsor last month. I’d tell you more about her, but I’ll let her take it away from her…

How VLN came about :
When I was pregnant, Camila (my tiny human) loved sleeping throughout the day and was wide awake all night – so I never got much sleep. I entertained myself by watching and learning from my favorite Beauty Gurus on Youtube and also reading beauty blogs. Night by night my love and fascination for makeup and beauty grew, until I found myself buying and testing out products myself. 
One night, at like 2:00A.M I googled how to start my own blog/Youtube Channel and I read all the different ways and platforms to use and I settled for blogger (simple and best of all FREE) I wrote up my very first blog post that same night. At first, it was really slow and I even gave up for a while but then last year I picked it back up determined to put myself on the map and little by little with the help of other bloggers (like you <3) my blog has grown!

What’s your favorite thing about writing Viva La Nicky?

I can’t pick one single thing that I love blogging about because in all honesty my blog is all over the place, just like my life! I love sharing tips and tricks on beauty, fashion, DIY projects and just life in general. I’m determined to prove that I’m more than just a statistic, that I’m much more than just another “teenage mom”. My motivation is my family and all my readers.

Tell us a bit about the post you’re most proud of.

The post I’m most proud of has to be my version of a DIY Lip Scrub which was featured as a guest post on HudaBeauty.com … You can imagine how much I freaked out! I’m proud of this post not only because it caught someone like Huda Kattan’s attention but because it was a post I put a lot of effort to make. Then, I didn’t have my fancy pants camera, the pictured were shot with a basic point and shoot but they still came out decent looking.

If you’re little girl starts a blog when she’s older, what advice would you give her?

If Camila ever decided to blog the advice I would give her is to be her beautiful self. Personally, I think you can tell a lot a person by the way and the things they write. Being a blogger, you have to genuine and honest, the people who read your blog trust and depend on the advice you might be giving them. When I write, my thought always goes to my little girl and if I would tell her what I tell my readers – if my answer is Yes then I publish a piece if it’s no then I don’t.

Do you have any exciting plans coming up for VLN?

This month, I took a little break from VLN because as college goes I had midterms to prepare for but yes I have some exciting stuff coming up. I’ve been working on reaching out and connecting with companies that I love to bring my readers a couple of surprises. Right now I’m in the middle of a little project that I’m sure a lot of my jewelry crazed readers will LOVE!

Where would you like to see your blog at in the next few years?

Like all bloggers, I would love to see my blog grow more – not for the money or even the free stuff because honestly I don’t make much blogging and sometimes free stuff isn’t really “free”. I got into blogging because I love sharing my experiences, and I hope that it makes a difference to someone somewhere. I hope to meet more wonderful bloggers and readers around the world.

What are 5 of your favorite posts from your blog?

Lazy Sunday: Face Mask Edition 

Where can we find you online?

snapchat: niiiicholee

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