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How I Read + Study My Bible

She Reads Truth. I found this community a couple years ago, and it’s been a huge part of my life ever since. Their studies range anywhere from 1-2 weeks long to 1-2 months. We’re currently wrapping up a study on the life of Moses, and on May 2nd we’ll be starting a study of Proverbs that will last 4 weeks.

My other favorite Bible study is Trusting God Day By Day by Joyce Meyer. This is a 365 day study that gives you a small passage and message to read each morning. I really love this because each day’s message is quick yet powerful, so you can read it first thing in the morning and it helps start your day out on a positive note. Another study I’m going to be starting tomorrow is Dare To Be Devoted by Natalie Grant & Charlotte Gambill. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Charlotte speak in person, and she is an incredibly motivating and inspiring woman of God. Her words are always filled with the Holy Spirit, and you just know God is using her to speak to your heart.

When I do my Bible reading and study for the day (usually in the mornings with a nice cup of tea), I have a special notebook dedicated to my studies, where I can write down any passages that stand out to me or thoughts that I feel God has put on my heart. For me, it’s kind of like taking notes in high school, except what I’m writing is out of love and joy for the subject matter rather than obligation. I love looking back through my notebooks every now and then to reflect on the promises and goodness of God that I learn while studying His Word.

How do you study your Bible (or practice your religious/spiritual beliefs)?


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