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5 Things To Do For Blog Maintenance

Something I’ve learned over the past year is the importance of blog maintenance. You might think that once you’ve published a post, that’s the last time you’ll need to mess with it. However, regularly revisiting old content to give it an update and refresh will not only improve your SEO, but will also help increase your traffic, views, and the likeliness of your content being shared over and over again.


  1. Update old photos to reflect your current style. I can’t tell you how much my blog photography has changed over the years. It’s just something that happens as we grow and mature as bloggers. To keep your older posts from looking dated (and like they don’t belong on your blog), update the photos once or twice a year for a streamlined and cohesive look.
  2. Rewrite old post titles to be more SEO-friendly. As you blog more and more, you’ll become better at writing killer blog post titles that are both engaging and SEO-friendly. Take a look back through your older posts, and see if there are any titles you can update to include more keywords and to be more eye-catching.
  3. Add any new information you’ve learned. Sometimes you’ll be able to update old posts with fresh information that you’ve learned since you wrote it. For example, a post about “blog photography tips” written back in 2013 could probably be updated with the new tips you’ve learned since then. Same with things like how-to’s and opinion pieces – if something has changed since you wrote it, feel free to give the article an update!
  4. Check for broken links. Any links on your blog that no longer direct to the right website (maybe the person changed their URL or the link was just typed in wrong) are horrible for your SEO. Always make sure you’ve typed in all links correctly, and regularly check back through old posts just to make sure your links are still working.
  5. Delete any old blog posts that you’re no longer happy with. Over time, your blog theme might change and the direction you take your blog could be totally different from when you started. Every now and then, take a look through your old posts and see if there’s anything that doesn’t really fit your blog anymore (or any posts that are super dated, like old giveaways). Anything that doesn’t help improve your blog and it’s purpose can be deleted or put back in “Draft” mode.

Do you practice blog maintenance?


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