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10 Ways To Feel Not So Alone When Living By Yourself

10 Ways To Feel Not So Alone When Living By Yourself | A Girl, Obsessed

I’ve officially been living in my new place for one month. With this new apartment has come so many changes, the biggest being having to get used to living by myself. For the first week or two, I had an extremely hard time being alone. I’ve always lived with people, so going from constantly being around others to living by myself caused me to suffer from a lot of anxiety and depression.

There were two or three occasions where I ended up crashing at my parents’ house for a night just to help with the transition. Now that a few more weeks have passed and I’ve gotten everything unpacked, I’ve started to feel less alone and more at home. I’ve actually found a few ways that really help with feeling not so alone when you live by yourself:

  1. Play music or tv in the background so your home feels lively and like there are people around.
  2. Take advantage of services like FaceTime and Skype to visually chat with friends and family members.
  3. Keep busy with work and hobbies so you don’t find yourself just sitting around feeling alone.
  4. Invite people over to hangout whenever you have free time.
  5. Go out and visit different places when you feel a bit lonely.
  6. Get involved with a regular social gathering like church, a book club, or a weekly girls’ night.
  7. Learn how to enjoy your own company and get excited when you have some time to yourself.
  8. If your lease and finances allow it, consider getting a pet to keep you company.
  9. Call or text your friends.
  10. Spend time chatting on social media.

Do you live by yourself? How do you keep from feeling alone?


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