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Tips For Shooting In Natural Light

Tips For Shooting In Natural Light | A Girl, Obsessed

When talking blog photography, my biggest tip is to always use natural light. But what’s the best way to utilize natural light for your blog photos? Today I thought I’d share my tips on how to take advantage of natural sunlight to get the best possible photos for your posts.


  • Get as close as possible to your light source (window/open door/etc.)
  • If you’re shooting outside, find some shade
  • Set your white balance to “auto”
  • Set your ISO around 200-400 for photos that are less grainy
  • Hold as steady as possible to get clearer photos (I like to hold my breath so I’m as still as possible)
  • When shooting outside (for outfit posts or profile shots), wait until magic hour to get the most flattering light
  • Turn off all other lights in the room you’re shooting in so that they don’t interfere with the color of your photos
  • Try to take your photos on bright, sunny days – cloudy, overcast weather will cause your photos to turn out with a blue tint and not be as well lit
  • You can use white poster board as an inexpensive light reflector to help get brighter images
  • Do not, and I repeat, do not use the flash on your camera
  • Always edit your photos – you don’t have to go crazy, but even just a little bit of brightness and temperature adjustment will help perfect your photos

Do you have any tips for shooting in natural light?


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